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  1. FredBear17_YT

    [Super Mario 3D Land] Bowser Rig

    I'll be using his head, plus linking to the topic
  2. FredBear17_YT

    Advanced Springtrap rig

    *Turns it into Springclap*
  3. FredBear17_YT

    Basic F N A F 1 Animatronics V1

    These rigs are basic yet good, might wanna modify them a bit. -Jaws -Endo -Extrusions -Hands/fingers -Fixed ears for Mike, Francisco Pizzaro and Goldie -No eyebrows for Clyde
  4. FredBear17_YT

    Straw Hat Rig

    Nah, there's a third cube which is the colored part. Also hey, man
  5. FredBear17_YT

    Super Mario Mash-Up Pack Player Model Pack

    Can I modify Bowser into Dark Bowser? I'll give credit and link this topic.
  6. FredBear17_YT

    Straw Hat Rig

  7. FredBear17_YT

    Straw Hat Rig

    I made a straw hat rig for farming renders. -Has a stripe yeyyyy Terms of Use: 1. Must be credited to me 2. Still be credited when Modified or edited 3. Link the original rig to me
  8. FredBear17_YT

    Super Mario Bros Rig

  9. FredBear17_YT

    Super Mario Bros Rig

    Eye rig looks like mine
  10. FredBear17_YT


    Eyyyy, thats purdy good
  11. FredBear17_YT

    We Are Number One Collab

    I'll join, gimme mah audio
  12. FredBear17_YT

    Blink Rig

    Made a simple blinking rig Demonstration video ! Feautures included: -Alpha glitch -Eyebrows -Le pupils Easy to use! Download link:
  13. FredBear17_YT

    Online Mine-imator

    Yes, an online Mine-imator will be perfect! Where you can make rigs, help each other with lighting and make stuff faster!
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