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  1. "Huh? A single soldier might pose a threat to me?" "Yes, Captain Levi is dangerous."
  2. Finally figured out how to do the edge glow trick in my renders and I've been messing around with it for the past couple of days! Peter Parker (Far From Home) and Shad Professor Layton Eren Jaeger and Sasuke (Sasuke came out abit blurry, Oops) The Thirteenth Doctor and the TARDIS Spider-Man Ruby Rose
  3. One would find it hard to to believe you can't even use the correct categories ?
  4. One would find it hard to believe how you would release a rig claiming it as yours leading others to believe you made it in the first place.
  5. Spent this week working on Sword Art Online equipment that Kirito has used in Aincrad and Alfheim




  6. That kind of defeats the purpose of it being a 'request'
  7. CLOSED - No one sent in their entries, Thanks alot guys. Archive Hello fellow people of the forums! I'm hosting a little collab so let me explain to you how it works! First of all you'll want to create a wallpaper of any kind of you want (excluding fad sorry, Don't hate you guys but its just not my cup of tea) The second part includes using that wallpaper as a base and turning it into a live/animated wallpaper! Requirements : 10 - 15 Seconds (Maximum of 20 if you REALLY need to) Must be rendered at 30-60FPS - High Quality Only sound effects are allowed (No music please!) Please add a watermark (If unable to please notify me and I'll slap your name over it!) You MUST send the WALLPAPER and the ANIMATED version! Demonstration : Wallpaper: Animated Wallpaper : Information : Send entries to me in DMs OR add me on Discord! (RetroTARDIS#7175) Please send either MP4 or WMV/PNG or JPG files! DEADLINE : November 25th ENTRIES : RetroTARDIS - Entered KaryuGraphics - Failed to Send Entry HeYoNia - Failed to Send Entry RandomJeremy - Failed to Send Entry YoshiHunter - Failed to Send Entry Mooterz - Failed to Send Entry
  8. Thanks for everything you did to make Mine-Imator what it is today (The Forums and the Discord are another story... hem..) Hope you find what your looking for in your future!
  9. RWBY Volume 6 basically just revealed the entire series in 1:35, Felt more like a AMV then an actual opening.

  10. Back at it again with RWBY with thanks to TempusWare for the awesome new rig! Presenting : Weiss Schnee
  11. Ayy, Thanks for the icon!
    Made my own edit on it ?

  12. Renders of my Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert rigs Eren Jaeger Mikasa Ackerman Armin Arlert
  13. This is looking awesome, The models look so nice and suit the style of minecraft which is really impressive! Can't wait for more.
  14. Also you're getting the wrong type of attention by doing this so.... ?
  15. You realize you can just edit your old topic instead of constantly making more, This is like the third or fourth time you've posted this.
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