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  1. Yes, yes it was. But its going to be even sadder when i release the animation and maybe a series
  2. So, i have been working on this poster and it means alot, 12 was MY doctor and yes, all good things must end, however it will always be framed in this wallpaper. Animation might be coming soon ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it's taken so long to get to this point, Thank you all for giving me inspiration to continue my Mine-Imator Creations.
  3. Thanks man, this project has kept me up at night and it means alot to me, i'm proud of it
  4. So, yeah, I don't know what to say other than its taken over 3 months to make this interior, There are still a few things to add/change in this room however thanks to Ludo Silver this project had sped up (Thanks Ludo!!!) Download:
  5. Just wait a little longer and the Tardis you know and love will come to you full and amazing
  6. thanks alot man! as im writing this im working on 12th interior If your a fan of my work then here, Join this server: https://discord.gg/wpEQAgx its discord of course but, people are really kind on there and they make amazing work
  7. that looks amazing man, cant wait, i am also making this interior, however i am focusing on the 12th at the moment
  8. I am back once again to show you another W.I.P Tardis interior. Yes, i am still working on the 13th doctors interior the walls are nearly done, i will be making a post soon asking if anyone wants to join in on making this interior. but for now, here ya go! Now me DW2012 WIP Tardis interior, if you dont know who or what DW2012 IS, Search him up, he is amazeball Yes, i know the doors are different colours but c'mon, its a WIP
  9. Do you have any warnings and what are they for? I believe i have only had one, i think it was posting in an incorrect forum section What is your age? 14 (However i am very mature) How often are you on the forums and what is your timezone? I like to glance at the forum now and again from time to time. My timezone is UK (GMT +1) Why do you want to become a moderator and why should we pick you? People can be very childish on forums like these, posting or commenting rude and inappropriate things and sometimes when i have reported them in the past and then they usually delete it so there would be no proof to the fact that they did said thing. If i got the Moderator role i would be able to take immediate action. I think you should pick me (As explained up top) So i can take immediate action on someone being rude or inappropriate. Are you willing to join the official Discord server if you already haven't, and to be a moderator there as well? I have joined it in the past but left because i took a break from mine-imator for a while but returned to the forms. Yes i would join the discord if asked. Yes i would also do the same on the discord as i do on the forums. Personal Notes I would be so pleased if you considered me for just a minute and i thank you for your time reading this dragged extra
  10. Hey guys, sorry i couldn`t release the sonic screwdriver, thats not going to be released anymore, if you want a sonic tempuswere released his. Anyway, here is my new sonic and my progress with the thirteen doctors tardis interior.
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