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  1. I know this looks like Craftman780`s but, its not mine is not for download but craftman780`s is! Craftman780`s gun:http://www.mediafire.com/file/jakt06ss5g2m6c1/Staser.zip
  2. screw you, hes good at it screw you aswell!
  3. I would like you to make it is alright i like it
  4. What? because i post it in the WIP? Well, i did it because it is a WIP, there will be repost with new exteriors in march :(
  5. Excited? Are you.... So, As most of you kinda guessed it, I am working with Craftman780 to work on his mini series of a thing called the nightingale Not just that, but ill be starting work on mini doctor who episode with Craftman780, and a few others, Mainly Bruno Rodrigo, Doctor_Who and 14_Doctor, Anyhow, here`s the chameleon Circuit season 2 I know its not got alot like the last one but it does have the 13th doctors tardis in and a secret exterior So, as with this stuff being released i might also point out i do have a youtube channel witch is where i will be posting stuff https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0t63NT3lZZZdQHKLziDJnA?view_as=subscriber Also, here is a trailer to season 5 of gotham, well, just because xD: Any how, I will be posting somert new in march, sometime there, i will be taking a break have a good day people!
  6. Well, 3 more days, untill explaining day!!!!!!!!! Heres my new youtube upload:
  7. Could be improved Even i can see that
  8. I might be able to help with this, I have my own 12th doctors tardis room. (It got corrupted though) and i had the same problem, just msg me back and we can talk about fixing it
  9. It could, you are very correct, but as that last picture was my first attempt at it i find myself proud of it
  10. All will be explained on the 10th. for now, here`s a little tease
  11. Happy new year! By the time i`m posting this its not midnight but, Its new years eve day. And so, here`s a little teaser for 2019! But before i get to that, I would like to say thank you for the support (Those who are following me and gave me support on discord) I will be Returning [10/1/2019] So, have a great night, and i hope that you all had a Fantastic year, If you didn`t [Much like me in my family life, I love my family but there are hard times) But it gets better, there`s always light at the end of the tunnel, however long it is, there`s always an exit. Also coming in 2019 is: All will be explained on the 10th My youtube channel (Be sure to subscribe): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3l0wJdFRWs (The nightingale who picture is not mine, all credit to Craftman780)
  12. Well, Its not about modelling, Its about, well i really dont know xD, Just do tutorials.
  13. Hey, i know you want it, but you dont really need it, Plus, not to sound mean but have you heard to saying, "Fish for someone, They eat for a day. Teach someone to fish, they eat for life" This means that you should learn to do it, Instead of asking for people to do it for you, trust me, i spent a long time doing that, The quicker you learn the less time you have waiting.
  14. Why do you have to be such a ******** Anyhow, It is mine, i remade it with the help of the original Creator of Rage7800`s 6th doctors interior, the exterior was actually my design
  15. I know what i said about not posting but, (Last post until New Year) I started working on Custom Doctor who Logos and i didnt know where to put the pictures so here we go!! Say witch one you prefer Down in the comments!!
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