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  1. Uh sup long time no see lmfao. Here you go lmao, look xd
  2. Ew fad. Ok lets get to the serious stuff now. 1. Posing 2. Lighting 3. Lens flares don't look good
  3. So I made this render in 1.2.0 ? Criticism is welcome and appreciated
  4. Hello there! Andrew here! And today I've brought you guys another rig! This time it's a remake of the robot rig I made a year ago. It's made using blocks and it's colors are easily changeable [ Select the "Legs" and the "UpperBody" and change the colors on the mix color. ] Robot render: Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17_88tATC6eagMVpuYxrFYhDx6w2GxryT
  5. cool. Imma try it in the weekend since i don't have time to get on my laptop(Sad aint it?)
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