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  1. Ew fad. Ok lets get to the serious stuff now. 1. Posing 2. Lighting 3. Lens flares don't look good
  2. So I made this render in 1.2.0 ? Criticism is welcome and appreciated
  3. Andy8000

    Robot Rig

    Hello there! Andrew here! And today I've brought you guys another rig! This time it's a remake of the robot rig I made a year ago. It's made using blocks and it's colors are easily changeable [ Select the "Legs" and the "UpperBody" and change the colors on the mix color. ] Robot render: Download Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=17_88tATC6eagMVpuYxrFYhDx6w2GxryT
  4. What version of minecraft do you play on
  5. cool. Imma try it in the weekend since i don't have time to get on my laptop(Sad aint it?)
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