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  1. Shadow


    That was purposely done. It's kinda almost like that dramatic jump type thing. Thanks for the tip anyway.
  2. Do you ever wish you could make good stuff?

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. BOOMmaker


      Practice makes progress

    3. 9redwoods
    4. OzFalcon


      Yep, then I generally realise that I'm already content with my skills as they currently are and move on :)

  3. Shadow


    Personal preference. Sorry about that. It was personal preference. I'll make sure to fix that next time.
  4. Shadow

    Blown Up

    Thank you for the tip. I just realized I messed that up. Sorry about that.
  5. Shadow


    Creep-- Okay we're not doing that. Criticism is truly appreciated. Hope you enjoy!
  6. Shadow

    Blown Up

    I personally don't like adding little details like him sweating or something, but I will work on the background the next time around. Thanks for the tips. Thanks. I'm sorry that the posing did look similar. It was actually unintentional and I will try to fix it the next time around. Details and such seem to really be my issue other than lighting which is quite disappointing since that's basically kinda what matters most. Thanks for the tips.
  7. The nether is not a fun place to be. Criticism is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed.
  8. Sadly. Maybe I should have been more aware when I made it.
  9. I'm aware. That was a mistake on my part. I'm glad you like it? Lol
  10. Time to go on an adventure to the Nether. Watch out. 2nd render after my 3 week long break. Criticism is 100% appreciated.
  11. Shadow


    If you look closely, there's a creeper and zombie in the window. The creeper is seen better though.
  12. Shadow


    Thank you! I'll make sure to be aware of that next time!
  13. I'm back. Yay. Anyway, I have a wallpaper here. All criticism is appreciated.
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