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  1. Really nice work. I'd rate the posing an 8/10. It's a pretty nice pose. It does have it's flaws, but they're mostly nitpicky stuff. The lighting is a 5/10 for me. I do think you did a pretty job. My only tips would be to make the ambient color a bit darker. The lighting looks a bit on the bland side, but it's not exactly bad. I also suggest trying to use bleed light(or whatever it's called) to make things a bit more interesting. If you are using bleed light though, I think you made your light sources a bit too extreme. I would turn their radius down but it's all up to you. This last tip is a little nitpick but I wouldn't suggest making the background fully black. Personally, it's not appealing plus it makes things sort of hard to see. Specifically the pants though. I'd just go for a lighter color. Overall, I think you did very nice for someone who hasn't used the program in years. I hope you'll continue using it and I hope to see more of your stuff son. Keep up the great work. I can see you have a lot of potential.
  2. Shadow

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I might as well give my opinion on this even though the situation is incredibly stupid. I do agree with some of the people who are mentioning that there are things off about the rig. I have a few opinions myself about how the rig looks, but that's not the important thing here anymore. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don't agree with the people who are trying to force Sharp to take it and use it. People don't have to take your advice even if it may be true to some extent. Yes, people should take your advice into mind, but you can't force them to apply it to their work. Being aggressive about him not taking it isn't going to make him want to take it anymore than before. It's only going to make him want to take it less seriously. If someone won't take your criticism then move on and don't try to bother with them. That's what people should do instead of trying to force it on someone. While yes, I do understand that he posted it to the forum and should have expected someone to comment on it I don't believe people should have been so aggressive about the fact he wasn't taking it. You are wasting your time if you're trying to convince him to change something he doesn't want to change. And to people suggesting that he should have stated he didn't want criticism, we all know that wouldn't work. I've been in the community long enough to know that people will believe that he is being sensitive or whiny if he states he didn't want anyone to comment advice on it. From my experiences, in and out of this community, people tend to ignore that and will still give you criticism. So, telling him that he should have mentioned that he didn't want people to give criticism on it is flawed. I believe both sides are in the wrong here. Sharp should have been more open towards those who gave him genuine criticism without trying to force it down his throat. Though, I also think that the people who were trying to force him to take it and stating that he was egotistical and that he believes he's a god were in the wrong as well. You do not have to attack a person to get them to accept your opinions or advice on their creations. Be civil about it. TDLR: Both sides were in the wrong. Sharp should have been more open when it came to the people giving constructive criticism but some of you guys shouldn't have been as aggressive as you were. Don't waste your time giving criticism to people who don't want it.
  3. teach me your lighting ways or get your foot eaten
  4. Thank you. Your stuff is good as well.
  5. It's been a while since I've posted and I just finished this render so... I guess this is what I am posting now. The story: After three guards named Alistair, Dera, and Ezra find a boy. They try their best to ride into the closest and safest village. Their mission is to try to keep this boy safe and sound and away from the dragon that is on their tail. The dragon has successfully thrown Ezra off his horse, causing him to be unable to catch up with his friends. The best thing that Ezra sees that he can do is try to fight the dragon off enough to run off and find his friends. Criticism is 100% appreciated. Though I do know Ezra's pose is quite stiff.
  6. Shadow


    That was purposely done. It's kinda almost like that dramatic jump type thing. Thanks for the tip anyway.
  7. Do you ever wish you could make good stuff?

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      Practice makes progress

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      Yep, then I generally realise that I'm already content with my skills as they currently are and move on :)

  8. Shadow


    Personal preference. Sorry about that. It was personal preference. I'll make sure to fix that next time.
  9. Shadow

    Blown Up

    Thank you for the tip. I just realized I messed that up. Sorry about that.
  10. Shadow


    Creep-- Okay we're not doing that. Criticism is truly appreciated. Hope you enjoy!
  11. Shadow

    Blown Up

    I personally don't like adding little details like him sweating or something, but I will work on the background the next time around. Thanks for the tips. Thanks. I'm sorry that the posing did look similar. It was actually unintentional and I will try to fix it the next time around. Details and such seem to really be my issue other than lighting which is quite disappointing since that's basically kinda what matters most. Thanks for the tips.
  12. The nether is not a fun place to be. Criticism is very much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed.
  13. Sadly. Maybe I should have been more aware when I made it.
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