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  1. Shadow

    Reality "Ripoff" Wallpaper.

    Thanks. Personally, I didn't want to make this an actual story :/.
  2. Disclaimer: Before anyone comments...Yes I am aware of what type of reactions I'll get, but I really liked it's outcome. I only call it a "ripoff" because of some of the elements I did use but I put it in quotations, because it isn't truly a rip off since the "story" isn't exactly the same as CaZaKoJa/Cade/The Tan James's series. No. I will not be making this an actual story, since I am planning something a bit more... "original" from what the community considers it to be. So, before you spit meaningless hate, I would appreciate if you take into consideration that this was all out of boredom(and no ideas) and there is no true story line that would be considered a ripoff. Thank you. Edited Version(Edited with Photoshop CS6). Unedited Version
  3. Shadow

    The Way Some People Judge Content

    I agree with you completely, Cobalt. 100%. This community needs to change for the better. I've been saying this since I've seen the "Ew fad" craze. Good points and I really hope this will help at least some what.
  4. Shadow

    I'm Only Human...

    I can't see what's going on too much, but it's okay.
  5. Shadow

    Prototype Supah

    I'd like to see it.
  6. Shadow


    "A king sits at his throne, contemplating..." -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Unedited -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- I personally feel the lighting could be better, but I am mostly proud of the pose.
  7. Shadow

    Jadturentale's Advanced Character Rig V.1

    This does need a bit of work. I feel like the mouth may be too high, but that may just be me. You still have room to improve so do not worry :).
  8. If anyone knows how to do a reflective floor, message me, I might need a bit of help on how to do it correctly.

    1. Rollo


      You can make a camera, face it upwards, then change the floor's texture to the camera view but more transparent.

    2. Shadow


      Hm... Okay! Thank you! I'll try that once I get time!


  9. Shadow

    "Into the Portal"

    Sorry about that :(. I'll make sure to fix it next time. Thanks!
  10. Shadow

    "Into the Portal"

    Thank you :).
  11. Shadow

    "Into the Portal"

    I'm back with another wallpaper. I originally posted this on the discord server, and honestly forgot about posting it here. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Unedited
  12. I remade a render from December 2016. The original post is here! Remake(March 2018): Original(December 2016):
  13. Shadow


    It was kind of the point, but I get what you're getting at :/. Sorry.
  14. Shadow

    Ask the Artist

    This is my first cartoon type drawing in a long while.
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