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  1. What do you think of my first custom background?


    1. Swift


      Not very original 

    2. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      you should use that toothpaste color on this to match your pfp

  2. Mood gone to shit, anyone got anything I can do to cheer me up a bit

    1. MojangYang


      you are a "top notch" and you are a decent mi user

    2. 9redwoods


      your banner looks sick

    3. Ian_The_One


      drink something shugary, but not too sweet and go watch some movie or series that you like, that usually helps.

  3. Oooo very nice, Love to see that someone is still posting F N A F despite the hate of it
  4. Hello people!
    I'm bored, what can I do?

  5. I'm bored, what to do?

  6. Oh hello people! 🙂

    Whats going down?

  7. Damn, haven't been here for a LONGGG time, anything I've missed?

    1. Frost


      You posted a status update not two months ago...

    2. Ghatos



      Are you kidding

    3. iZestyLIVE


      Oh damn I thought I haven't been here for ages lmao my bad

  8. Joined: September 26, 2014
    Does this make me an OG?

    1. Ian_The_One
    2. Heavenira


      That is correct. 😎

  9. @Frost* @MojangYang Thanks for the feedback, I'll try to make something a bit better next time
  10. First time using SSAO and better shadowing etc, TY Keep on Chucking for the water rig (idk how to use it properly yet but its better than nothing lol)
  11. That my sir would be illegal! You may forget endermen teleport when something is "shot" at it! Jk. nice render!
  12. Welp, looks like i lost (nobody likes my stuff lol)
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