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  1. This looks really cool, can you make attachements for them ?
  2. Can you make HK 416 with short barrel ??
  3. Can you make attatchements for your weapons rig ? *attachments
  4. It's alright, that means you're working hard thanksss for the hard work
  5. Jellie10

    HK416 RIG

    THATTSS COOLLL, Awesomeee
  6. Jellie10

    HK416 RIG

    Can you make attachements too for v2 ??
  7. Jellie10

    HK416 rig

    Thiss iss epiccc can you make attachements for it ??
  8. Very veryy awesomee, can you make a first order stormtrooper armor and blaster rig ?
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