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  1. Pretty good, nice movements, and the story is somewhat easy to follow, the lighting could use a little bit of work, and the posing is iffy. but overall a 3/5
  2. Flash Light Rig

    I want it a little bit thinner than a woman's thigh after eating 13 pounds of fried chicken
  3. Flash Light Rig

    That is one thick flashlight ya got there
  4. Ask the Artist

    what is your fav meme?
  5. Derpy Rig! (first rig need feedback)

    There are tuts on how to add 4 fingers, otherwise for a first rig, it's pretty good
  6. Do yu kno Da Wea ?

    If the zombies in the water was m-i you get a grade of A- only because of the dead meme you get a minus
  7. Ask jakubg1

  8. Ask jakubg1

    iDubbbzTV or Jontron?
  9. Ask Twotorule Anything

    iDubbbzTV or Jontron?
  10. RedAnimator's AMA!

    iDubbbzTV or Jontron?
  11. Ask the Artist

    iDubbbzTV or Jontron
  12. First post on the forums in a long time.

    It means a ton coming from you dude! you don't know
  13. My Character Rig

    Skin with hair extrusion and a face doesn't count as a rig.
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