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  1. I fixed the problem
  2. Weirdest

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    Yes he is, that's why I said credit to him and another. I ask for help on skins from him all the time. I would love to make their rigs
  3. who else would attend a pewdiepie church

  4. Only reason I asked is because if you have fingers on your rig, they are all weird, especially if you have the PixelFrosty-style fingers, considering most people don't like having the fingers rounded. If it won't happen, it won't happen, and that's fine.
  5. I've done so, but I want the other features from the newer updates
  6. can it have the old bending
  7. Weirdest

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    Yeah, you have to enable the bend on the extra layer of clothing. Sorry about that, I thought I did that.
  8. Weirdest

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    wake up lieutenant
  9. Weirdest

    Connor Rig (Detroit: Become Human)

    I realized I have done nothing on mine-imator in quite a long time, I thought it'd be a good idea to start it up and make something. Credit to @Irudium and another friend on Discord named Springy. Images: Download:
  10. Weirdest

    Mine-imator 1.2.1

    I still miss the sharp bends, there should be a 4 button option for the old two, and the two new ones. I get that that might be a bit much but I think the majority of us kinda miss it. Just a suggestion
  11. Weirdest

    Mine-imator 1.2.1

    I don't have the correct permissions to use it how
  12. Weirdest

    Choose your fighter

    Where is the one that can control water
  13. Weirdest

    Choose your fighter

    I'd pick you, you could draw yourself stuff to help you in a fight, too easy.
  14. Weirdest

    Modelbench Beta 0.4.2

    I can't access it, I hate this computer
  15. Weirdest


    You really like colors
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