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    That guy that was offline for nearly a year.

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  1. Finally changed my profile picture, 2 years later...

  2. ItzDJCrafter66

    STAR WARS - First Order Snowtroopers RIG

    I don't want to imagine how long this took. Noice.
  3. ItzDJCrafter66

    Shield rig

    Yeah, It's alright.
  4. I forgot how long i was gone for xD

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions
    3. Spontaneous Explosions
    4. Skjold


      Do something productive with your life like.. idk. Curing cancer?

      Yeah alright. Maybe that's a tad unrealistic.

  5. ItzDJCrafter66


    sorry. cant remember.
  6. I'm back!

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    2. ItzDJCrafter66



      Ontopic - maybe 155th

    3. spectral


      Oh yeah, I did some science and worked out you're 155th. I'm the seventh fruit of the alphabet "3" that stretches out to five watts deep.

    4. ItzDJCrafter66
  7. ItzDJCrafter66

    Small Camcorder RIg

  8. ItzDJCrafter66

    Niety's Mad World

    also happy bday @NietyFox!
  9. ItzDJCrafter66

    Niety's Mad World

    Me: u still gonna eat that? People who like cake that's been on the floor: OF COURSE! WHO GIVES A CARE IN THE WORLD IF IT WAS ON THE FLOOR! Me:
  10. BEEP BEEP IM A SHEEP! :mobsheep::mobsheep::mobsheep:

    1. Dannyboi


      Meow meow, I'm a cow.

  11. ItzDJCrafter66

    Camera Shake

    that video taught me a lot about shaking!
  12. ItzDJCrafter66

    Ask Ethan! (Now With 100% More Trains!)

    I am just kidding.
  13. ItzDJCrafter66

    Don't Look Behind You...

    hmm just realized that
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