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    That guy that was offline for nearly a year.
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  1. What could possibly go wrong? To Be Continued theme start's playing...
  2. Remember me? Lol.


    ItzDJCrafter66...yeah that dude.

  3. Should I keep using Mine-Imator?

  4. look at that, i did it again, 212 days, over a year. gg.

  5. Finally changed my profile picture, 2 years later...

  6. I don't want to imagine how long this took. Noice.
  7. I forgot how long i was gone for xD

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions
    3. Spontaneous Explosions
    4. Skjold


      Do something productive with your life like.. idk. Curing cancer?

      Yeah alright. Maybe that's a tad unrealistic.

  8. I'm back!

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    2. ChumUnicorn64



      Ontopic - maybe 155th

    3. spectral


      Oh yeah, I did some science and worked out you're 155th. I'm the seventh fruit of the alphabet "3" that stretches out to five watts deep.

    4. ChumUnicorn64
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