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    Im not giving you my location...Pedophile
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    Music, Persona 5, Minecraft(what a surprise), Garry's Mod, Gotta love Dark Souls, Started making music roughly a year ago. Also I like to wear a jacket in 90-120 degree weather, no, I don't hide cuts on my arm.
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  1. Mastereaglezzz

    Boobs Rig

    I'm scared to know the reasons of why someone would use this. Edit: I just realized on the main page of the forums, the newest comment of a new post will say the person who recently commented owns the rig? Since im the most recent comment, the forum now says "Boob Rig, By Mastereaglezzz"..........
  2. Is this even going to be worth the wait?


    1. Sir Mistick The Yopstick

      Sir Mistick The Yopstick

      I saw your image but I couldn't read anything 😕

    2. Mastereaglezzz


      I noticed that after posting, its the queue for the oldest anarchy server on mc, 2b2t if you dont know. I was 651 in queue, an estimated 10 hours 'till joining, which was false.

  3. Can everyone agree not to scroll down my feed, this is an old account and most of the old things below are really "dusty "since it's 4 years old. And, if your adventurous enough and you actually do it, please don't remind me of it.

  4. So.. um uhh. I might have to post-pone some rigging untill this is out. Screw it. When this is out, "rigging in mineimator" proably wont even be a thing. We're gonna use this instead.
  5. Alright it's fixed. Sorry for the weird format. It looked fine as i was writing it. (seriously though it looked like it was completely normal as i was writing it.)
  6. I apologize, on the preview it looked just fine. Ill fix it now. Yeah i don't know whats going on. I go back to edit it but it looks just fine. Ill try a couple of things. It may have to do with some font sizes.
  7. THE ASSASSINATION COLLAB Greetings! Today I and @FoxtrotHeaven bring you a Collab called the "Assassination Collab". Read on below if you're interested and would like to participate. RULES We all knew that this was going to be here. The rules are as follows. 1. Watermarks are your responsibility, put them in yourself do NOT add YouTube links all over the animation, we will credit you at the end of the Collab. Also, don't make the watermarks blocking the view of the actual entry itself. If you do this your entry won't be accepted and you will be required to edit the animation. 2. DO NOT move the camera in ANY way. However, you can move the camera to only zoom in on your character, however the camera must go back to the original position it was in.) Other than that your entry won't be accepted. 3. DO NOT change the Steve skin. He is the one being assassinated, DON'T CHANGE HIS SKIN. 4. NO MUSIC in the animation (Sounds are allowed as long as they are not extremely loud.) 5. The animation must be exported in 720 P at 30 FPS with HIGH Video Quality (Also make sure that "High Quality Rendering" Is checked.) 6. The Assassination can only last from 5 seconds to 30 seconds (Why would you draw out a quick assassination to be 30 seconds in the first place?) 7. You are allowed to put custom props in the scene(only if they affect the way you kill the Steve.) 8. Do not mess with lighting or add new lighting, we have it the way we like it. (We will tell if you messed something up) This should do it for the rules but as time goes on we might add more rules! So check back often! 9. Character rigs of the ASSASSIN(aka yourself) only are allowed. Rigs aren't required but you can use them. keep in mind though that you have to credit people who made the rig(unless it's your rig). 10. No sexual or racist entries. Let's keep this PG 13 okay? And yes, that means no serious gore (minor amounts of blood is allowed). 11. If you're new to animating that is okay. We don't require any skill level for the entry. As long as you follow the rules your okay! MORE RULES CAN BE ADDED AS TIME GOES ON SO BE WATCHFUL FOR IT. ASSASSINS Creeperz Animations hiendiep55 HeYoNia To join you simply have to tell us in the comments and you will be featured here! (This list is here so that way you know that we know your working on this.) If your name is in the color RED That means that you aren't done yet. If it's in YELLOW That means you probably didn't follow a rule and your animation needs some work. If it's in GREEN Then congratulations! That means Me and @FoxtrotHeaven looked through your animation and it breaks no rules and that it will be featured in the Collab! P.S. We would like for you to follow all the rules because it will be so satisfying to see all the names in GREEN. So do us a favor and follow all the rules! Anyways, if your reading this far down it probably means you would like to be featured in the Collab. To get featured this is what you need to do. 1. A character of your choosing (Like yourself!) will be the Assassin. 2. The chosen character will then proceed to kill the Steve in a way an Assassin would. (or you can say screw that and find a different way to kill the Steve.) 3. Finally, Your character must walk out of the scene and have the Steve disappear from the animation and any props you put down that wasn't originally in the template that you downloaded. 4. When you're ready to submit your entry please Private Message myself or @FoxtrotHeaven. In the pm leave us the link to your entry. If you don't have a YouTube account you can create one or you can go to MediaFire, Dropbox, and those websites to give us your entry. When you pm the link to us please leave a link to your YouTube Account or Mine-Imator profile page so you can be credited properly. If you don't give us anything to credit you, you won't have a YouTube link in the Collab Description or a Mine-Imator profile page in the credits either. Only your name will be mentioned in the credits. Nothing else. Download the Project File Below. http://www.mediafire.com/file/5zle803ap0j3t1l/Assassination_Collab.zip If you have any questions please put them down below in the comments and @FoxtrotHeaven and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. DEADLINE: Whenever when we feel like we have enough people(We will give you a one week notice before we stop taking submissions. The one week notice will be put somewhere around here.)
  8. Thanks for telling me so i dont feel like an idiot. Thanks for the compliment too! It means a lot to me.
  9. Woot i released the first episode of AOTF!!!

  10. Adventures of Three Friends (AOTF) is a brand new series i'm working on. The first episode of the series is done and there are more to come. Stay tuned on my channel! I worked very hard on this episode and I hope you like it!
  11. But i saw you say in the comments when for people to go so i didnt know when to go
  12. Can i go up soon? I said i joined like 2-3 days ago.
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