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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Chickenk122 in Which should be my intro?   
    So i made these 2 intros and i dont know which one to pick.... What one do you think is better?
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Josh The Stupad in The No Motivation Collab!   
    Okay, so, uh... yeah. This is basically my first collab.
    Anyways, I was thinking inside of my head when I was at school or something, (idk,) that I should probably do some random collab. So then, I realized, when I got home, I was mostly not very motivated at some times. Maybe, I thought, that sometimes, people are not very motivated too, so I thought of something called the "No Motivation Collab" where you have to try to not be motivated and try to make an animation.
    Rules, you may ask?
    1. No NSFW Stuff.
    2. To submit, give me the rendered file through my e-mail, (sayjoshua@gmail.com). EDIT: Just send me a message through Mine-Imator forums!
    3. No spamming your submissions to my e-mail. Look, okay, I will check on yours when I have the time.
    4. Your submission should be between 10-30 seconds.
    5. I will need 720p and 30fps.
    6. Have your channel name in the corner AKA a watermark.
    7. Link your YouTube channel.
    That's it...
    EDIT 2: Music or sounds are allowed... Background music will just be a bit lower to hear whatever it is. Swearing? Now that will be censored!
    Wait, Josh! You forgot the deadlines!
    Oh, yeah.
    Let's go for September 1 - September 10 cuz why not?
    (It was originally August 31 - September 9th but I posted this at 8:31 PM :P)
    Deadline Is Up!
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Spontaneous Explosions in 62000 total topics!   
    wow! cool! we get to hear the....SOVIET....NATIONAL...ANTHEM?!
  4. Wow
    ZephyrAnimations reacted to TheAmazingAnimator in 62000 total topics!   
    This, is the 62000th topic on the forums.
    This is the first milestone I have witnessed on the forums, hopefully it will be for you too.
    Now, its time to play the anthem. 
    any questions?
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to david in Dev update #10: Five year Mine-iversary, an overdue update and new developer   
    Greetings animators!
    Five years ago on this day I unveiled the first Beta version of Mine-imator to the public, hyped up by the popularity of @Frossa's semi-viral TF2 "Meet the Team" remakes in Minecraft. Despite the program being crude and severely lacking in features and graphical effects, pumped fans jumped head first into it and started making content, and the creation of these forums shortly followed to allow everyone to share their work. I would have never imagined that five years later, people of all ages would still be using Mine-imator to make awesome animations and art. In fact, judging from the number of daily downloads, Mine-imator is more popular than ever, and has started to be used professionally to make graphic novels and to teach animation in tech camps in the US, which of course wouldn't be possible without your continued support!

    Now I must admit that, while functional, the program has failed to keep up with the never ending stream of new Minecraft content, and there are still serious issues halting the creative process for some users, occasionally leading to projects getting corrupted and hours of work being forever lost, which sucks. Hard. Therefore, I have decided to take some time off from other projects to deal with these problems before passing over the development torch to someone else. However, since I now also have a full-time job alongside personal projects, progress will take longer than usual, so bear with me!

    I'm now announcing that after a 1½ year long wait, a new Mine-imator update is in the works that will be publicly released within the next month or so, first as a pre-release before fully replacing the now outdated version. I can say right now that it will not contain any crazy new rendering effects or animation features, but rather focus on stability and keeping the program up-to-date with all previous and future Minecraft versions, which are the two current main issues with the program.

    "But, wait...", I hear you think (yes, mind reading is a neat little perk of being a developer), "...future Minecraft versions? How will that work?". Just read on...

    To start off, the update will bring some fundamental changes behind the scenes regarding how character models, blocks, items and schematics are loaded into the program. Without going in too far into the technical details, a big flaw of the current Mine-imator is that everything is stored inside the program executable (hard-coded), which makes it a significant effort trying to keep it up-to-date with all the new mobs and blocks being added into Minecraft at an ever increasing pace. However, in the next update, all the assets will be located in an external archive, along with a specification file that defines what it contains and how it's used.

    Along with this, the file handling will be given a make-over, to address some of the crashes and corrupted files people have been having. The program's engine will also utilize a newer DirectX version that could increase the rendering performance for some users.

    Among other goodies, this is what you can expect in the update:
    More stable project/rig loading Blocks and characters being loaded from external JSON files (that may be customized if desired) System for auto-downloading new Minecraft models and textures Some minor graphics-related features New settings for character models and block variations I have been collaborating with @Nimi, the current undefeated champion of Mine-imator modding, and he has decided to discontinue his "Community Edition" mod in favor of me letting him take over the development of future Mine-imator versions. As an extra bonus, Nimi has been working on a long-requested feature to go along with this update. Exciting, right!? More will be revealed soon... 

    So basically, a pre-release of a shiny new Mine-imator update will be available for download on the forums within the coming month. I'd appreciate if you could try it out with your new and old projects (just be sure to save some backups if you value them!) so I can iron out the biggest bugs before making it official!

    Until then, keep calm and animate on!
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to SteampunkSkeleton in Fall of the Valiant [4k] [Teaser]   
    @ÜberKiller's skybox rig
    @KicksBrickster's volumetric cloud rig
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Awesome Emerald in Shovel Rig   
    Hey guys I haven't posted in a long time. Here's my shovel rig! Enjoy!
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Davaj in MCSM Petra Rig   
    The New Petra Rig For Mine-Imator Is Here!

    How to get the rig into Mine-Imator Step By Step
    1. Download The Petra Rig which is a RAR. file. (WinRaR needed)
    2. Drag the file to your Desktop.
    3. Extract the Zip. file so it turns into a folder.
    4. Open Mine-Imator.
    5. Press The Folder With a Plus on it [ + ] beside the Crafting Table.
    6. Search for the Petra Rig.
    7. Open it up and she'll be there ready to be animated!
    If you're going to use the rig in a youtube video, remember to give me credits in the description.
    DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-xtaOoo_IPWX2lHS2o0YlpOSjQ
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Artamiel Crescent in U N D E R T H E M O O N L I G H T (NO DABS OR Internet phenomena)   
    The dab scythe wallpaper was just something to give an example of what I was making, but now that I have finished enjoy  
    Don't be mad at me for making a dab wallpaper lol its just for fun. 

  10. Sad
    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Artamiel Crescent in AMAZING SCYTHE WEAPON DAB!!! (NOT CLICKBAIT!!!)   
    You read the title and you still came.... 
    Now you deal with it        scythe rig: @CPS Animations
    tbh my first dab 

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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to MicroPon3YT Animations in "Losing My Mind" [ Animation M.E.M.E ] PREVIEW   
    Some preview animation to be uploaded at my channel soon!
    Feedbacks and Suggestions are appreciated!
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to MedoTEM in shall i release this fidget spinner rig   
    so i made this rig and i don't know if i should release it or not
    here it is btw
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Emunator in FOXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!   
    Since I'm not 12 and ignorant I'll actually give some criticism! Yeah, im shocked too!
    I'm not sure if it's your rig or not, but it's actually pretty blocky and smooth, but the teeth look horrible due to them being round like compared to the rest of the blocky body. Otherwise look's great.
    I'd move the light source to a different angle, to allow better shadowing, it causes depth in the wallpaper, making it more realistic and better looking.
    The eyes look like you just added a few dots in paint.
    And lastly, a better angle with the camera, the camera is 100% facing his face, it makes his head look flat and 2d, a slight angle change would make this 10x better.

    Keep at it, you're getting better.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Emunator in 3 first animations in life   
    These aren't bad at all for a newbie, but if you want critic, there is plenty to improve on in these animations.

    'Worlds Worst Outro' camera angles were horrible, this can be improved by experimenting with the different camera transitions and using multiple cameras so the camera doesn't go everywhere and look the wrong way. Although the walk wasn't too shabby, making the character realistically look around while walking and changing it up abit can make an animation go from a 5/10 to a 10/10 easily.
    'Intro' was ok, the camera angles were meh, can be improved the same way as above, I can't see much animation going on so I can't say what to improve on in regards to that.
    'The assassin' was definitely an improvement compared to the others. The camera angle was really good, especially when on the stairs. However some parts of the animation were abit sloppy and you need to work on making seemless movement.
    As for the blood, it doesn't fit as the pool of blood is simply a red circle while surrounded by a bunch of square pixel blocks. You can make the blood look amazing by making pixels or small red blocks with different shades of dark red. That would fit much better.
    That's all I can really say to help you improve, other than what I said, everything else ends up coming with experience.
    Best of luck in your journey with animation.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Zeno in need sum help!   
    Submit your own version of what, exactly? You've given next to no info about what this is. Nobody's going to take you seriously if you can't give a detailed description of what you're asking people to do, or at least use punctuation.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Luna_Flower in Luna's Minecraft FTB Adventures   
    The Witches Oven 

    Hey guys, Luna Flower here!
    So I've been playing around with the Witchery Mod, getting stuff together to make my first witchy tools and magical gizmos. Take a look!
    The Witches Cauldron
    Having had some success with the Witches Oven, now I'm making a Witches Cauldron. Somehow this leads me into the Nether where I become the bane of Nether Creepers and am set upon by a swarm of bees. Ain't life odd sometimes?
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to thunderbirdfilms65 in Doctor who: K9 [Download below]   
    [Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1rcvhhysnrnboj2/K-9.zip]
    [Tardis and Wanderer rig not included]
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Chickenk122 in Wolf rig!!   
    Use this website: http://imgur.com/ then upload your image. After that copy the link and paste it into the topic.
    Hope this helped  
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Rollo in Wolf rig!!   
    I notice it's a .object file. If it has custom textures, you need to include those textures with the .object inside a .zip file otherwise it'll just be pink when someone downloads it.
    Hope that made sense.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to voxadub in Looking for someone to make animations for my youtube channel   
    Hello I'm VoxaDub and I have youtube channel that involves Minecraft related videos.
    I have made some mine-imator based animations in the past, however I just do not have the time to be able to consistently make them.
    I am looking for someone who would be interested in making animations for me to upload on my channel (This is a paid position)
    Payment could be anywhere from $25-$500~ per video. This is entirely based on length and complexity.
    If you have sufficient knowledge of mine-imator and are capable of making animations similar as below please PM me for more information.
    I will be responsible for the script/ideas for the videos and you would only be responsible for the mine-imator animations. I would do the post editing.
    You would be paid upon completion of each video requested. (Note these would need to be done in a relatively quick timeframe no more than a week each video)
    Example Videos:
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Jovan0896 in howd o I post a status update?   
    That's not the worst of it.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Cybernetic Cinema in A message from CC   
    Whats the difference between the Mineimator community today and this snake's bite?

    The snake isn't as toxic

    Okay yes this might be a bit of an over exaggeration but there has to be some people that must agree that the mineimator forums has changed, and not for the best. This used to be a small and loving community that had loads of fun doing what they loved to do in the their spare time, but now if you as so much as get a pixel wrong on a wallpaper you get brought down upon harshly! I would like to also note - even though some may not agree - that some people who put little to no effort in there animations/art tend to get a higher praise than the ones who could create masterpieces and just get dirt. What I am trying to say is, I just wish for the best of this place. This was what actually got me into wanting to do 3d animations, the software given to us by David is what allowed me to create what I would always dream of, and the community back then pushed me even further to wanting to be the best animator I could be, and even though I may not be one of the best yet, I don't want to leave this place knowing the noobs these days didn't get the same or even better experience than what I had. So in conclusion my main points are give rep where rep is due, and keep pushing people to be better than what they are, but that doesn't mean to be all negative. In the end, I wish for the best! 
    P.S. This is just how I see it btw
    If you do want to comment I would love to read your opinion! But please, this is only a discussion, not a debate. If you want to debate use pms, I really don't want this to get closed!
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Shadow 982 in Funtime Shadow (FNAR)   
    The nightmare from animatronic will began if you meet Funtime Shadow (FNAR)
    Btw, why i type FNAR, not FNAS? Beacuse "R" mean Revanda and "Revanda" is my real name :v
    This is my first post. I hope all pro's like you give me a good comment
    Rig By : Me
    Inspired By The Best fad Render : @Supah.exe @Mr. Darl @SansDeGamer555
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Kapslock in Pros and cons using the Community build?   
    Ya, it's the exact same, just with more features, like bloom and lock bend angle. (Which are amazing) I suggest to switch, as it's no worse than the original.
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    ZephyrAnimations reacted to Juno in "Realistic" Zombie Rig   
    Walking Dead styled zombie rig.

    Detachable Arms + Legs, Detachable Jaw, Facial Skin, Eyebrows, Eyelids.
    Download Link
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