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  1. "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    Yup, made in M-I with Photoshop CS6
  2. I liked the game A LOT!, so I decided to make a wallpaper with my character on it oWo Feedback and Suggestions are appreciated! Cuphead Rig by RandomJeremy & MicroPon3YT
  3. Tried making it creepy, hope it works uwu Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  4. Sunset Lover M.E.M.E // Mine-imator Animation

    Thx uwu Idk how to explain this but for getting a smooth animation, here are some of my tips: *To have more control over the character, I use a/an FPS of 30 FPS (tempo) in Mine-imator *Bunch of: ease in and ease out quadratics,sine,circular,exponential,backs(I use it sometimes) and more importantly linears *Use pose to pose application when animating *Some actions that needs to be "followed-through", will follow on the main action by 1-5 keyframe/s apart - There are more but Idk how to explain it. Hope it helps
  5. Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated! NOTE: EYESTRAIN & FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING
  6. Feedback & Suggestions are appreciated!
  7. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Loved the update But the only thing that bothers me is the performance itself, especially with potato computers and that includes me Unlike C-B (Community-Build), it has a frame cap of 120 FPS while the latest vanilla of this, it has a frame cap of 60 FPS So it would be good to apply this to the final update with a 120 FPS or Unlimited option like in Minecraft @david @Nimi Thank you for reading this, sorry if I interrupted you After all, keep on making M-I great!
  8. Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
  9. Undertale Rigs

    The frisk one looks amazing
  10. "Abandoned... and reanimated" [4K]

    Early halloween? I guess Made using Adobe Photoshop CS6 & M-I Community Build --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Final * --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- * No-Edit Version* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
  11. Night in the Woods RIG PACK [3/5]

    ????. I made this rig :/ [or maybe you meant that I stole someone elses idea] Can't help it
  12. Night in the Woods RIG PACK [3/5]

    Download the rar application.
  13. "BattleField"

    Made using Photoshop CS6 & M-I Community Build My first wallpaper to post in M-I forums! uwu. Hope you like it Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
  14. Night in the Woods RIG PACK [3/5]

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ M-I RIG PACK [3/5] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * Characters: * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Individual Download: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Whole Pack Download: ( once the pack is done!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features!: * Move-able facial rig! * All main characters in NITW * Customizable download *A bit 2-D like-model ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated! For updates to this rig, please follow to get notified! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ EDIT: Found a bug in which the bendable arms can't bend using the vanilla version of M-I, in which the fix will be in a "whole pack" download. For bugs or glitches happens to this rig, please message me or say it in "quotes" [[MANUAL FIX]]: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. M-I RIG PACK * Featuring one of the beloved characters in NITW: * Customizable Faces [including other characters]: * Two-Dimensional Model: Feedbacks and Suggestions are appreciated! *if you all wanted a customizable of this rig, vote at the top of the page in which I should make it also customizable [or all uwu]* Early Stage Rig RELEASE:
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