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  1. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Neptune the Skunk

    O w O
  2. MicroPon3YT Animations

    I implemented Inverse Kinematics in Mine-Imator (GIF) (APRIL FOOLS)

    Idk if this is april fools or not but I gotta say that you should be in the developers of M-I to implement this IK system
  3. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Post-Apocalypse [4K]

    Some testing i've made so yeah, not enough stuff to put but i like making it look clean Unedited version:
  4. MicroPon3YT Animations

    *Final Release* Player Folders Template (Better movements)

    This definitely helps.
  5. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Can't figure out how to generate walking animation

    It is working fine for me, it might be with the missing .keyframe file Restart Mine-imator, and if it still doesnt work. Try reinstalling or downloading Mine-imator again And if it still doesnt work, you gotta go report the bug. as hard as it is to make a walk cycle, you gotta animate it manually like Pigeon said. That's the only way to make a good walk cycle Hope it helps
  6. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Can't figure out how to generate walking animation

    Hmm try creating a new character and try it again
  7. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Can't figure out how to generate walking animation

    Remove the keyframe at frame 3 and then select the keyframe at frame 1 You should be able to click the walking animation button
  8. MicroPon3YT Animations

    an animation for reuploaders

    idk why i made this
  9. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Random Doors - Collab Part

    Feedback and Suggestions are appreciated
  10. Just uploaded this about a week or so, I've been wanting to share my first ever 2D animation on my channel

    Hope ya'll enjoy

    1. SkythecreeperCS


      Sync is good

      Art styles are okay


      great job

    2. Suicunicide


      the bounciness is perfect

  11. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Anthro Wolf Rig V2 [PREVIEW]

    The body will be working on once Modelbench has been released The V2 of my anthro rig which the V1 anyone has been complaining about the face and disproportionate bodies so decided to improve it Welp here it is, what it looks like: Criticism and suggestions are appreciated *Still flat faced*
  12. MicroPon3YT Animations

    My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics

    Neat owo
  13. Got inspired after watching Reality Concept 5 from @The Tan James uwu So I made this, aaa Rig by @SKIBBZ Reality Concept 5 by "The Tan James / CaZaKoJa": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq0IXVXx1Oo&t=294s Criticism and suggestions are appreciated!
  14. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Sword Fight (short test)

    Feedbacks and Suggestions are appreciated
  15. MicroPon3YT Animations

    Leg Tests (Need Feedback)

    Could use some ease in transitions and ease out transitions, and a bit of work
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