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  1. Just uploaded this about a week or so, I've been wanting to share my first ever 2D animation on my channel

    Hope ya'll enjoy

    1. SkythecreeperCS


      Sync is good

      Art styles are okay


      great job

    2. Suicunicide


      the bounciness is perfect

  2. Anthro Wolf Rig V2 [PREVIEW]

    The body will be working on once Modelbench has been released The V2 of my anthro rig which the V1 anyone has been complaining about the face and disproportionate bodies so decided to improve it Welp here it is, what it looks like: Criticism and suggestions are appreciated *Still flat faced*
  3. My Funtime Freddo and Fozy Animatronics

    Neat owo
  4. Got inspired after watching Reality Concept 5 from @The Tan James uwu So I made this, aaa Rig by @SKIBBZ Reality Concept 5 by "The Tan James / CaZaKoJa": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq0IXVXx1Oo&t=294s Criticism and suggestions are appreciated!
  5. Sword Fight (short test)

    Feedbacks and Suggestions are appreciated
  6. Leg Tests (Need Feedback)

    Could use some ease in transitions and ease out transitions, and a bit of work
  7. A 2nd part of a bunch of abandoned/test animations aa Feedback and suggestions are appreciated PS: There is one dab animation, i know dab is an overused meme or something so please don't take it seriously, skip to 0:24 if you hate dabbing
  8. "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    Yup, made in M-I with Photoshop CS6
  9. I liked the game A LOT!, so I decided to make a wallpaper with my character on it oWo Feedback and Suggestions are appreciated! Cuphead Rig by RandomJeremy & MicroPon3YT
  10. Tried making it creepy, hope it works uwu Feedback and suggestions are appreciated!
  11. Sunset Lover M.E.M.E // Mine-imator Animation

    Thx uwu Idk how to explain this but for getting a smooth animation, here are some of my tips: *To have more control over the character, I use a/an FPS of 30 FPS (tempo) in Mine-imator *Bunch of: ease in and ease out quadratics,sine,circular,exponential,backs(I use it sometimes) and more importantly linears *Use pose to pose application when animating *Some actions that needs to be "followed-through", will follow on the main action by 1-5 keyframe/s apart - There are more but Idk how to explain it. Hope it helps
  12. Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated! NOTE: EYESTRAIN & FLASHING LIGHTS WARNING
  13. Feedback & Suggestions are appreciated!
  14. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Loved the update But the only thing that bothers me is the performance itself, especially with potato computers and that includes me Unlike C-B (Community-Build), it has a frame cap of 120 FPS while the latest vanilla of this, it has a frame cap of 60 FPS So it would be good to apply this to the final update with a 120 FPS or Unlimited option like in Minecraft @david @Nimi Thank you for reading this, sorry if I interrupted you After all, keep on making M-I great!
  15. Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated!
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