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  1. thunderbirdfilms65

    Newbery Tardis [Rig]

    (Sorry for the lack of activity, I've been busy with collage) So to make up for it, here's the 1974-79 Tardis (Created by Designer Barry Newbery): Enjoy
  2. thunderbirdfilms65

    dwcm tardis rig

    Oh nice, Reminds me of my attempt:
  3. thunderbirdfilms65

    1963 T.A.R.D.I.S rig

    Ay that's not bad. I'm impressed Reminds me of my hand at making the prop
  4. thunderbirdfilms65

    The Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator RIG

    C H E E S E B U R G E R !
  5. thunderbirdfilms65

    Trueno GT Apex: Rally Update [Updated3/2/18]

    Quite an interesting rig. I've too made one last year:
  6. thunderbirdfilms65

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Now i can use .json models. Would .class models be added?
  7. thunderbirdfilms65

    Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Strange. How come the the 'Bloom' feature was removed?!
  8. thunderbirdfilms65

    Undertale Rigs

    Quite an intersting pack. However if there's no preview pics of the rigs, they may not download them. Not being mean or anything, it's just a tip for uploading models here
  9. thunderbirdfilms65

    [1982] TRON Lightcycles [Colourable]

    Sorry for the long reply. But a new version will be uploaded sometime this month: (so have this preview in the meantime
  10. thunderbirdfilms65

    [1982] TRON Lightcycles [Colourable] [Link above]
  11. Can't wait for the new update. Would some other block files be able to be imported to the program? Mainly some are in .MDL format for some mods. If this is possible that would be great, if not then that's fine with me.
  12. thunderbirdfilms65

    Doctor who: K9 [Download below]

    [Download link:] [Tardis and Wanderer rig not included]
  13. thunderbirdfilms65

    Doctor who: K9 [Completed rig] Teaser

    So after an hour of both: Drawing, modeling, rigging and...Bacon butty breaks. Here's Doctor who's Beloved pouch and Best friend 'K-9' Love him or hate him, He's still an icon in the show's 54 year run. He will be uploaded for use at 16:30 or so [Local time]...Stay tuned
  14. thunderbirdfilms65

    1929 Metropolition Police Box there a reason?
  15. thunderbirdfilms65

    Doctor who: Scream Of The Shakla Tardis

    [Whoops, I forgot to add the Link:] Sry
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