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  1. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig

    I'll have to make a new rig from scratch because my last computer broke and all the files got removed, and i deleted the google account with the link. Of course i'll fix it in a while
  2. What do you think about this wallpaper i made?cdzDkm9.jpg

  3. I see that you really like MCSM? 

    And you don't need to make the rig payable

    Because all of the rig in the mine-imator forum

    Is free

    1. Davaj


      But who Said It's gonna be payable?

    2. PigmanMovie
  4. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig

    How was i suppose to know?
  5. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig

    Thanks! Skincraftxza! It means alot!
  6. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig

    The New Petra Rig For Mine-Imator Is Here! How to get the rig into Mine-Imator Step By Step 1. Download The Petra Rig which is a RAR. file. (WinRaR needed) 2. Drag the file to your Desktop. 3. Extract the Zip. file so it turns into a folder. 4. Open Mine-Imator. 5. Press The Folder With a Plus on it [ + ] beside the Crafting Table. 6. Search for the Petra Rig. 7. Open it up and she'll be there ready to be animated! If you're going to use the rig in a youtube video, remember to give me credits in the description. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-xtaOoo_IPWX2lHS2o0YlpOSjQ
  7. You look like you really like minecraft story mode...

    1. Davaj


      Iv'e only posted a few things tho.

    2. Awesome Emerald

      Awesome Emerald

      and they're all about minecraft story mode xD

      I love it too

  8. Guys! The Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 Petra Rig is Out NOW!


    1. Download The RAR. file (Make Sure To Have WinRAR)

    2. Extract the file so it transforms into a folder.

    3. Open Mine-Imator and press the Folder with a plus on it beside the Craftingtable

    4. ENJOY!


    Don't forget to credit me if your gonna use it on a Youtube Video because "I'M SEEKING FOR You"

    DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-xtaOoo_IPWX2lHS2o0YlpOSjQ/view?usp=sharing

  9. Can someone help me with this? I have Minecraft For Windows 10 but can't use the worlds on Mine-Imator. Any clues?
  10. Who's ready for Episode 2 of Minecraft Story Mode Season 2?cOoLGPD.png

    1. lifecraft



  11. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig For Mine-Imator!

    I don't know how to upload pictures. :/
  12. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig For Mine-Imator!

    Best thing is that it's not event done yet!
  13. Davaj

    MCSM Petra Rig For Mine-Imator!

    I have not finished it yet, You can Call it "BETA" Still. If You want to test it could you just ask. And I'm letting 3 random People get it by email/Drive Link to the project. Here's Link to the The Picture of The Petra Rig: http://imgur.com/a/DG1aL
  14. Minecraft Story Mode!!!

    MCSM New Petra Rig for Mine-Imator that i made! i'll do a mediafire link when i know how to do.

    Link to picture: http://imgur.com/a/DG1aL


    1. hiendiep55


      I recommended you should post it in rig topic not status update 

    2. Davaj


      I'm kind of new to the Mine-ImatorForuns so i have not learned anything yet. But thanks for informing me!


    3. hiendiep55
  15. Please do a Tutorial bc i don't know if i'm doing it wrong, The files won't open for me... I extracted the files and opened Mine-Imator and pressed open project. And pressed on Jesse with male gender and it says that there's no project inside of that file. What do i do?
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