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    ANIMES i like and hate(already written it on "introduce yourself") IS : just go to introduce yourself and find my name am too lazy
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  1. i need teh pics, USE IMGUR
  2. I HAVE FOUND! a AnxiousCynic submitter!
  3. everything is nice +1
  4. the faces are beautiful! its just... am not getting the minecraft story mode feeling ya know? because of the movements.
  5. this kinda reminds me of my dad's samsung galaxy s6 but yeah it looks good
  6. well i was in a hurry back then because i was about to sleep and if my mom finds out am not sleeping then she would have taken my iMac os x
  7. what do you mean? and if you are asking about how to switch the screens just use the Visible Button switch to another screen and the camera well you just click on the "Camera Screen" find picture screen go to textures and pick a any of those two cameras, thats all i can do right now this is still a W.I.P.
  8. yes but am just gonna test it if i want it or not
  9. yes but am just gonna test it if i want it or not
  10. i love this for my hidden cyborg side although i don't know why there is circles and cylinders in minecraft :/
  11. am sorry guys for not being fast at working at this phone am just being lazy am just gonna put in the W.I.P. version WHICH MEANS theres no colored phone and cases CAUSE ITS STILL W.I.P. the picture cannot be placed for some reasons but heres the iBlock W.I.P. (PS you might need a stronger pc/laptop for this, it becomes veeeery laggy) Download : if you are gonna use this to a video then give me credit
  12. OH GEEZ thats more terrifying than the first picture!
  13. you forgot the blood.... oh wait mine imator forums doesn't allow gore, awwwwww
  14. this is the best thing i must tell it to supah.exe
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