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  1. Hello everyone, like last year I uploaded an animation about my birthday, today I wanted to do the same, a short animation and here it is, I hope you like it.
  2. I hope you do well, friend, I have always liked your animations and, I'm sorry to sound repetitive, I hope you do well with the programming of video games, I will miss you.
  3. Next Animation :3 [Teaser] DDg1sJoXYAAb4NH.jpg

  4. Hello everyone, (first of all, I have not published anything here or interacted with the community because I have been very focused with the next animations and studies, but as I am on vacation I will be more active) I have uploaded the second part of my animation Hello Neighbor in Minecraft, because a lot of people asked me for XD, so here it is. It took me five months to finish the animation. I kept some elements of the original game. I Put some Easter Eggs, so good luck if you can find them all XD. (In all my animations there is a hidden Markiplier) Note: I hope you like the animation
  5. Thanks to everyone, those who subscribed to my channel, to see my videos of Gameplays and Animations, we are already 12,000 in the channel. I hope we continue to grow and make the channel bigger, thanks for the comments that leave me every day, I encourage you to keep making more videos and animations, which is what I spend more time, every day improving and giving you smiles , Now, I want to give you a gift, a Wallpaper, where we can see the characters that have appeared in my animations, Tecno, The Neighbor of Hello Neighbor Neighbor, Ben and Ed, Circus Baby of fad the new shit, and more; And in the bottom of the characters decorates all the thumbnails of all the video I uploaded to Youtube, and finally, texts that say "12,000 Subscribers, Thank"
  6. pls join kkthxyaybai

    Hi, sorry for the delay and sorry for wasting your time but I can not participate in this project, simply for lack of time, sorry.
  7. pls join kkthxyaybai

    I'm from Latin America, it's 2:00 p.m. here.
  8. pls join kkthxyaybai

    Discord has an external program, for the PC, but you can enter discord in browser mode, the external program no install me by an error.
  9. pls join kkthxyaybai

    I do not install the program, will it serve me as a browser?
  10. vroom

    the humor 2017, well, thanks anyway
  11. vroom

    Question, would you let me use this rig for an animation? Obviously I give you the credits
  12. pls join kkthxyaybai

  13. pls join kkthxyaybai

    I think I'll never know if I entered or not...
  14. Next Animations :3, Any question I will answer.


    1. Minecraftvinnyq


      You know what would make everyone in the forums love this even more? Undertale, tattletail and BATIM

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