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  1. Haven't worked on Black & White too much the past 2 days, I'm still thinking of the stories, and if I should have playable characters in the game, and if they should be:

    1. Selectable before levels/in the hub world
    2. Megaman styled powerups
    3. Doors/portals type thing like in LBP3 (Yeah, I play that game. I'm rebel)
    1. Sonicxryan


      Though with the Mine-imator game, the game will probably start up on your profile, and then to close the game AND save, you click the drop down menu on your icon (in the corner), and log off.

  2. W-why are y-you stuttering o-o-o-online? Never mind, it was hard to tell if you were actually talking, and not making a Rick impression.
  3. Is it weird that I have a thing for making/seeing rigs that use the render depth? XD (Basically all of my newer rigs use it, which includes: Finn the Human, 3DS, Tyranitar, uuhhh a rig that I'm working on rn :3)

  4. That just added to the cringe. imo
  5. Making a new game thing. Its like YouTuber Life (I think that's what it's called...), but you're browsing the forums giving upvotes, downvotes, making people quit... Ya know, the normal stuff.

    I've done the background of the forums, and it's basically a perfect replica save for a few things.

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    2. Minecraftvinnyq


      This is perfect for sponsoring me- oops I mean the forum :D

    3. Dannyboi
    4. Sonicxryan






  6. swears.... obviously, its JonTron
  7. Your profile picture... I'm gonna hope that that's a golden apple with sprinkles, and not a floating butt with a leaf coming out of it with sprinkles.

    1. Roosara



  8. h5A1PiK.png

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who cant take that seriously with his face? I mean, just look at his face! xD

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    2. Caeden117


      ...without being detected...

    3. Sonicxryan


      when half of the world is destroyed

      YOU IDIOT! WHY WOULD YOU SEND A NUKE TO AMERIC- AWhhhhh that face is the kind of face you cant stay mad at :333333E333

    4. LolDoge


      I'm laughing at that grammar "We will wipe US off face of earth"

  9. Am I the only one who would wait until 2AM to watch a CarlSagan42 stream? Am I the only one who knows what a CarlSagan42 is?

  10. On ‎19‎/‎04‎/‎2017 at 11:19 PM, EthanForeverAlone said: I'm gonna go mourn with rainbow eyes over here now...
  11. Which run did Undyne do in Undertale?


    The pacifist Trout-e

    Heh heh, I really put the BAD in "badum-tss"... xD

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    2. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Well, i would keep this up but I doughnut want anyone running away Cayenne, lets just say this.

      You do not want to have a bad Thyme, because if you do I'll crush all of your hopes and Creams

      Because if you pick a Fajita with this old Chimichanga

      I will personally Show you the 9 layer dips of Hell


      You could say I Clove these puns very Mulch

      Imagine someone made like a post on here for like a big pun battle or something. That would be so awesome.

    3. Sonicxryan


      Are you called Ben or Jerry? Because that was cold. I'm gonna get my milkshake out of the frijj, and then I'll be back to fryght you.

    4. phoenixbasher
  12. Added slopes to the game! Also, vote for if you want 2D Hub worlds in the game here!

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    2. Sonicxryan
    3. Dannyboi


      Also, can i have a download ples?

    4. Sonicxryan


      To game maker? Or Black & White? If the latter, I'm almost finished with the first level of the game, and I'll be able to make it public! :D If its game maker, go to

  13. Looks at first picture Okay?.... looks at second picture
  14. I want to know what peoples opinions are on 2D Hub World(s), and if I should include them in my game.

    If I do have 2D Hub Worlds, I could add

    • Replayable levels
    • Skill shop
    • Quests for levels
    • Minigames (The main reason I asked this.)
    • Post game cheat code pages (Basically you can find cheat codes after you beat the game. You can find them in levels too.)
    • Hats (Because why not? XD)
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    2. Roosara


      Does this look good?

      0wb8djo.png  5odXrtd.gif


    3. Sonicxryan



      The funny thing is, is that the kind of shop I was thinking of was a kind of stall like this xD I might actually keep the name Mr. Fancy xD Gonna rework the sprite so it doesn't look exactly like the main character, xD

    4. Roosara


      Wait a damn apple sec..


      There will be a character that can glide, punch through walls, and is a dumbass...

      Knock knock its knuckles


      And a character that is able to fly, and is incredibly smart. 


  15. "What actually is in the basement" You wanna know whats in the basement?
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