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  1. Planning on the first demo of the real Black & White.

    Real, as in the actual version, that I (probably) won't cancel, and switch to another engine.

    The demo will let you play the first level of Black's story (The game will be split into 3 stories. Black, White, and Gray. Each with different styles. Black's is speed, White's will probably be puzzle platforming, not too sure though. And Gray will be regular platforming, and maybe autoscrollers.)

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    2. Bananimator


      I switched to discord a long time ago. Sure, ill take it. Since I just got back into animating Animators Vs Aperture

    3. Sonicxryan


      Why didn't you tell me? xD

    4. Bananimator


      Maybe because you seemed to like it in skype NOW GIMMIE THE INVITE NERD

  2. I just realised that you can do the alpha glitch partially above negative numbers. ._.


    1. Sonicxryan


      Which means you can do the alpha glitch without ruining the flatlands that everyone loves so much. (Or basically anything.)

  3. Redstone Rig Pack (W.I.P)

    doonvot. dispensor dosnt hav piston it have bow I. love. redstone
  4. when you get softlocked on the pre-final boss...


    but holy crap, this time you have 3 lives instead of 1! :o


  5. Finished Sonic Mania! (The bad ending, I got the Chaos Emeralds like an hour ago, and got the final final boss.. with one life.)

    I've already made a new save file and finished GHZ, gonna be uploading it soon! (When I stop getting errors...)

    1. BAC0NB0Y


      Are you going to do what I did with Sonic 1 for mobile? (Beat the game with all the chaos emeralds as Sonic, Sonic & Tails, Tails, & Knuckles)

    2. Sonicxryan



      Also, "& Knuckles" is an actual thing in the game :D You play as Knuckles and Knuckles, Sonic, or Tails. (Not Sonic, Knuckles and tails, sadly.)

  6. Got Sonic Mania :D On Flying Battery now, 2 chaos emeralds.

    1. Roosara


      Welp darnit. I gotta wait two weeks till the PC version comes out.

    2. Sonicxryan


      Rip. ;-;

      But trust me, it's worth it. Might end up streaming it, or at least recording it for youtube after my first run. (And show the secrets off, too.)

  7. Hasty

    Or move the legs and body down by 16 for it to be in the middle.
  8. Wallpaper #3 [Found easter egg?]

    oh wow I didn't see her until I looked carfuly ur good at hiding thing daneil!!!!!exclamationmark!!!
  9. I need help with fish puns for a party next week, if anyone thinks of one, let minnow.

    Terrible fish puns aside, I'm going to make a small announcement about B&W!

    There will be a competition held close to the game's release, and it'll be whoever gets the fastest time on Black's first level in the demo. Whoever wins will get a 10% or 20% off of the game. (I'm not sure how much the game is gonna be selling for yet, though.) There is no specified date, yet.

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    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      oh we have to PAY for it?  i'm no longer interested in the game suddenly

    3. Sonicxryan
    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      i'm serious...i wont buy it...i wanna play it, but if i have to buy it i wont

  10. Watchful Eyes

    Yep... that's what eyes do... they watch... It looks nice, but I think the lighting could be improved a little, (Maybe add a light, but my it a little dim. Or add something like a redstone torch in the background?)
  11. Dodge Dakota rig

    This is so good, that it deserves one of "Ryan's special puns" So, a guy steals a bag from a shop (damn he's so cool)
  12. If only my sleep schedule was altered for me to stay up until 4am...






    o h  w a i t

    1. Sonicxryan


      It's 12:30 (nearly,)... perfect time to try to recreate "Get blue spheres!"!

      I'm (probably) gonna keep the sprites I'm using, which are the Sonic X-treme sprites, since they actually fit.

    2. Spontaneous Explosions
  13. "The Opposite" - Wallpaper #2

    Why do we find edgy people on Minecraft websites?
  14. Mine Imator Random Animation 1

    Are you a squid or a kid Are you a horse or a human?
  15. What is this... 'sleep' you speak of?

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