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  1. Happy birthday SANIC!!!

  2. How do you know if a cat is ill?


    It'll say "I'm feline ill"


  3. So, should the levels be different for both characters? Or should I reuse the same levels, but you can get to different places with each character?

    1. Spontaneous Explosions
    2. ziyadkhalq


      the second one is great but it would be even greater if you can make every character has his own story and levels...

    3. Sonicxryan


      @ziyadkhalq That's how I felt, but, I thought of having some 'special levels' to one of the two characters, and some which are the same, but with different routes.

  4. The South Park game, "Fractured, But Whole"...


    I just noticed what the name sounded like.


  5. He isn't being a troll, though. Be organised.
  6. Computer's NOT destroyed, everything is working nicely! But... the thing that was melting/burning... was the plug. I'll simplify the thing my mums friend said:
    "The plug wasn't in properly, and was bent. Which melted the plug."
    I'm not joking when I say this, the plug was half melted, and apparently the electricity made moisture (how does that work?) which made it worse. But we found another plug, and we're never hoovering  (Hoovering? what is that word?) under my computer again in case it gets bent again, and the plug actually DOES get set on fire.


    Life lesson, when your computer makes electricy noises...

    Stop, Drop and Roll.

    1. Sonicxryan


      Now if you'd excuse me, I'm going to go play some minecraft.

  7. Sadly, these count as animations... why
  8. Im glad that it was fathers day on sunday, i put Black & White onto my laptop, and then later that same day, my computer went ded. Im not sure if it's fully ded, but still. D E D.



    if it's destroyed, rip Elements...

  9. I'm learning more here than in school! So. When a ball is rolling, it keeps the exact same speed while going upwards, and downwards. No acceleration, or deceleration. Got it. what I'm trying to say is acceleration.
  10. Uuuh.. is my computer supposed to smell like metal?... that's being melted?... (Rhetorical question,)

    I've noticed that that only way to wake my computer from sleep mode is to press the restart button, or the on/off button (Both which actually wake it from the sleep, it keeps everything open,). One thing I've also noticed, is that the back of the computer smells like burning metal, mostly around the On/Off switch, which is right next to the wire that connects the computer to a power outlet.

    What do I do? ._. My Dad also noticed the smell, he said it smelt like fire. Do I try and replace the computer itself? Or what?


    There are a few things that's wrong with my computer, which I've noticed that happened RIGHT after the burning smell began to happen:

    • Audio jack doesn't work properly, only one side plays properly, and the other side has a buzzing noise. (And it's not the headphones, I put the same headphones into my 3DS, and both sides were working perfectly.)
    • Not waking from sleep mode with my keyboard or mouse properly. (Okay, kinda a lie, it turns on, but when it's on, and I click with the mouse, the mouse turns on for a second, and turns back off. Also the screen stays black,)
    • Headphones sometimes not working, even when plugged in.

    So... anyone have any clue what's going on?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      how old IS that thing?? what does it run on? Windows 95?! my advice: Before it explodes, find someone you hate, and put it under their bed. that way it'll act as a bomb. but you can use the computer-bomb for whatever yu like.ever wondered what would heppen to a refridgerator that was blown up? anyway, your doomed get a new one, or wait for it to go BSoD

    3. Sonicxryan


      It's actually a Windows 10, I got it at the end of 2015

    4. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      wow. what did you do to it? how can a computer get in that bad condidtion in 2 years...? wait. was it an Acer?

  11. when you have to use MediaFire to get files from one computer to another because your little brother decides to sit on your laptop while the memory stick's in it.




    he didn't do anything else, no sorry,

  12. In B&W, should the 'special stages' be Temple run style runners? Where you need to dodge incoming objects? I think it'd be cool if I figure out how to do it,

    1. Sonicxryan


      I don't do 3D in game maker. xD

      And yes, I do stay up until 1-2am almost every day on Game Maker. don't judge me.

  13. I'm not going to downvote, nor upvote. Try to put more detail into the wallpaper, lighting, vines, cracks in the wall, etc. Also, am I the only one who enjoys reading all the flamewars that happen on Fad topics?
  14. Hmm... If MI DOES get ported to Studio 2, will the design be revamped? Or will it look the same, but more options/models?

    1. Sonicxryan


      Also in B&W, you can choose what powerups you want to use in the level. You will get to choose one before entering a level. (You'll be able to change them upon beating the level, or getting a game over,)

    2. Nimi


      I don't see why porting to GameMaker Studio 2 would require a design change. And most stuff you can code in GameMaker Studio 2, you can already do in GameMaker Studio 1.4. My best guess on why it was updated is because of DirectX11 and it's using an improved IDE.

    3. Sonicxryan


      Nah, just to show it's the more 'significant' version of MI, make it look aesthetically different, maybe make it look more like other animation softwares, but keeping everything simple? (and da emezing color changing thing. mmmh)

  15. I just realised what Mineimator's being made in... a game maker... called GameMaker... QUICK! MAKE A QUICK MINIGAME THING BEFORE IT GETS SHUT DOWN OR SOMETHING! also hype.
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