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Mine-imator 2.0.2

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Amazing work to the both of you! I still remember using Mine-Imator for the first time way back during 1.1.2, 2 years-ish before I made a forums account. Mine-Imator has come a long way and has been the program that has gotten me into animation. Hope you both are happy with creating something so monumental. Mine-Imator has such an important place to many members and we thank you both for putting in the effort and creating something amazing! 

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I am thankful to you, I am was first well.... Not the Fan of program first but I after I tried it out. I loved it and I am very thankful for you two hard work.

I thank David and Nimi. You two have earned rest. The Community is Thankful.

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It's too bad y'all are gonna stop developing the program. I honestly hope you come back to it some day, but I understand you have more dreams to pursue. Well you pursued this project, and I'd say you did a pretty good job with it, so although you may not need it, I wish y'all luck with whatever you do next.

I trust it will be just as great.

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