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Found 40 results

  1. If I were to host a Minecraft M.A.P. (Multi Animator Project), what kind of song would most people be ok with? If it were me it'd be some upbeat rock music (likely Aviators), but what other kind of songs would people wanna participate in if I made one. For anyone who doesn't know, a Multi Animator Project is when a song is divided up into short 10-20 second bits, a bunch of animators pick a segment, animate to that part of the song, then they all get strand together into one video. Its like a massive collaboration, they are very popular amoung 2D animators. And Yes I am actually thinking of potentially doing one, so your suggestions will mean something. Also if you actually would care about joining one it'd be nice to know :S.
  2. My Map Rig

    Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/?k66h8ydr3nczd4o
  3. Map made by @IsaacDavid @Supah.exe SansDeGamer555 Turret Download! https://www.dropbox.com/s/axevbcan8627fnd/BatiM - Chapter 1 Map.rar?dl=0 (And if someparts of the map is not visible, go to the Properties and deactvate the "Only Render in HD mode", or i if the "Eye" icon is turn off just turn on)
  4. And the working on part Now, i Re-Modeled Again the MAP, New textures, better texture mapping a'n stuff. Stay tuned! BatiM by TheMeatly Games Textures Ripped directly from the game & Edited by me. Modeled by @IsaacDavid Bendy & Boris by @Supah.exe & @IsaacDavid OBS: The Bendy & Boris "Model", Its not a 3D Rigged model Its a 2D Rendered Image.
  5. Abandoned base | Map | Community build

    Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/seym7ow2d4l8wc0/abandoned.zip?dl=0 You don't have to credit me when you use it.
  6. Map Requests/Rigs

    So, I'm planning to make an animation about We Are Number One. Can someone make a map of Lazytown so I can create it? I will also need rigs for instruments, the net, the trap and those dang banana peels. You can find them in the video because I can't say it right now. I will give you credits for making the map. Thanks! I'm only doing this because of those Internet phenomena.
  7. Just a wallpaper (Dark Souls 3 Map)

    I found this Dark Souls 3 map on a Minecraft download website and i decided to make a wallpaper (possibly animation) off of it. Hope you like the wallpaper, and have a nice day
  8. My new defuse map layout | overview drawing

    CSGO map | "De_sow" layout drawing I have recently made a layout for my new map idea "de_Sow" What I'm asking you to, is to take a look at the preview, and submit the answers to the poll.
  9. This is a short preview of the map I am currently working on. The style of the area highlighted in the video below holds a bit of inspiration from the first Mirrors Edge plz gimme feedback
  10. MAPS PREVIEW (Gunslingers RIOT) (Wallpaper)

    A few months ago I've posted that me and a few of my friends were working on a Modded Multiplayer Minigame for Minecraft. Well... It's almost done and there will be 7 maps when it's released with the server opening. Here are the previews of those maps. I'm planning on releasing this modpack in 1-2 months. There's still a ton of redstone work to do. I hope you like it.
  11. i am planning to do a comic, and i need a city map to it, i am very lazy to do an entire city and not the experienced enough, i just have some petitions: it would be a city like new york or similar. it has to have an stadium and a museum or similar. thats all, thanks for reading and hope i can see a very good work references: gallery: http://imgur.com/a/bUIq0
  12. f@d RIGS (guards and maps included)

    hellu , here so close to christmas, i bring to us my rigs and my map of fad that i worked so hard by a week. the rigs are: kenny (fad 4 child), Mike, la Niña, Clyde, Francisco Pizzaro, springtrap, purple guy, fritz smith, mike smith. so, not jeremy. the rigs include: guards: mouth with 2 lips and 2 cheeks. eyes with backdrop and eyelids, (pupils too, duh) and some details to do every guard unique like the look of he's pupils etc. animatronics: movable: ears, jaws, they has the same eye model of the guards. props: Mike has his microphone and la Niña his cupcake (the cupcake is a rig apart) coming soon: phone guy, phone dude, phantoms, all in a download apart, in another .rar like a dlc images: album link: just in case the images doesn't appear: http://imgur.com/a/YPHJF download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/prjdoo77eat6apc/Five_Nights_at_Freddy%27s_Rigs.rar sorry for my bad english, thanks and bie bie. update: in the rig files you may find some rare skins... ARE MINE, DELETE THEM >:/
  13. Request | School Map

    i need a school map for an animation, i will put it here when done. any help appriciated!
  14. [Request] Prison Map

    hello! i would like a schematic for my animation, a prison/jail map. i have a prisoner that escaped and i need a map for them to escape from. thank you!
  15. f@d Fangame Map Needed!

    I need a cave system like this for my f@d fan game: MAP Can anyone help? EDIT: it needs to be a .schematic ANOTHER EDIT: Dont make the part on the image that says office look like a office
  16. cancelled

    Is this the first Mine-Imator OC Map? Yes? No? Ok. Here's the video for the parts (Ignore the background and stuff): Rules: Be Creative Blood is allowed, but not too much please this is an OC Map, so only include your OC One part per person (I'll have multiple parts, cuz. Come on, you say you're bad at animating? I'll allow ANYONE to join this map! Type RR If you read the rules (optional) must have a death Depressing, maybe? DON'T ADD THE MUSIC! NO SOUND EFFECTS AND WATERMARK! Parts 1-11: People doing something... Parts 12-20: People thnking about suicidal thoughts, or thinking of failing at life Parts 21-23: People committing suicide when done, send through PM on google drive or mediafire Intro: Myself Part 1: Heavenira Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: KicksBrickster Part 5: Part 6: TheMinester Part 7: Part 8: Part 9: Part 10: Part 11:Part 12: Caeden117Part 13: SteampunkSkelletonPart 14: Part 15:Part 16:Part 17:Part 18:Part 19:Part 20: Part 21: Myself Part 22: Part 23: Part 24: Myself (End Credits) Backups: In my opinion, i think it's a BAD Idea, but, I'll give it a try anyway...
  17. So I've teamed up with MessiPhynx to remake a ROBLOX game that he made with several flaws, The Only Murderer. I decided to make a topic about pictures I took of a few stages of the design, what do you think? 1-Basic Plan This was the basic planning stage, nothing special about it, the blue parts are the doorways in between each room, the yellow parts were the windows, so the murderer could see where players are hiding and stuff(mind you, no one knows who the murderer is). The red blocks are the boxes to hide from the murderer, kind of like a dangerous hide and seek. You might notice that not all rooms have two or more doorways, this is because the murderer needs a ways to corner victims. 2-The Walls, Textures, and Windows Now, this is the part that took the longest, sizing it correctly, choosing the right textures, and cutting the walls in to the correct size for the windows, this process took a day, and it still has a few flaws, but I don't want to go through little details that the players won't care for anyways. Overall, I think it came out fine for my standards. 3-Adding the Boxes and Other Final Touches Self explanatory, I added the boxes and other final touches, I don't have any pictures of the roof, unfortunately. 4-The Outcome Here are just a few images of the outcome, nothing to explain. If there's anything you feel like I need to ask please state, I like comments more than likes :>
  18. Gargantua Side Wormhole Texture

    Well, I want to create Interstellar wormhole so I need them.
  19. Adventure Time Map 2

    Hi guys! i am happy to show you a project i have been working on. If you guys know who aaronDAYTON is he made the first map for adventure time, He said he will not make another one so me and Jeremy2337 have decided to make the 2nd one, Alot of the credit goes to him and all i am doing is changing the story and adding places. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT RUN THIS ANY VERSION LOWER THEN 1.8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For more information and stuff like that here is a link to the forums of the map ^^ http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2430802-adventure-time-map-2 or http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/adventure-time-map-v2/ Those Pics Are Outdated If You Would Like Send Me Some Dated Ones :] Ask me anything! ;3 Direct Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/8idd9oaxyk8n90l/Adventure%20time%202.zip?dl=0
  20. Survival Games Map Suggestions

    So as you know I'm hosting some Mine-imator Survival Games!! And i need more suggestions on what maps to do? How to Enter: Map Name: Download Link: It's That Simple!! (The Command Blocks i need to add, not so much)

    Blockfield is making a really cool trailer for the upcoming release if the BLOCKFIELD 2 rig pack! We have been busy working in characters we would like the community to make a really cool map (.schematic) to be one of the scenes in our trailer. This will be an epic moment so we would like a good schematic. If you want to enter just go and make a schematic of a modern run down small city and post a picture and link to download it in the comments. As always, have a good day and we hope to see great creations! P.S. Please don;t make the schematic so big that it will lag alot (1-30 KB is perfect). thanks
  22. Map/Outro Test

    Ay everyone, this animation was mostly meant for Youtube but since I am here i might as well upload it here too, so I hope you enjoy, and if you could, comment: and yes I know it moves a little slow, just wanted to start my real animations as fast as possible
  23. Quick video I've made, to show you the creation of a custom 3D model for Worms: Block Wars, an upcoming Minecraft minigame created by my buddy Aary33 and myself. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0U2GuDbR4U
  24. Generic Parkour

    Here's the link to it! http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/maps/2301035-generic-parkour-fabulous-parkour-map