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Found 89 results

  1. Left is me, middle is Phant, and right is Supah Enjoy
  2. 3D Mine Imator Rig/Model About A Girl Called Lily: This was an old model that i touched a bit to be ready for using,you can use it where you want and how you want . . . Enjoy and read also the txt file! http://www.mediafire.com/file/uq5t7byzuo5vok4/Mine_Imator_ReMake_Girl_V3.5_%28Summer%29_Her_Name_Is_Lily_.zip/file Here you can see a render that i did as an example:
  3. Did a 4K cinematic test with lighting too, so yeah, fnaf. Adios!
  4. Pretty self explanatory, this together with the sword i made before was my first experience with MB. It's not 100%, still very basic. I haven't added the cape and the left hand yet. But I do have the designs already (since this is basically a remake from the one i made on C4D).
  5. These are some renders that I made back when i used MI for the first time (somewhere around 10th of August) till now. One of them is a meme i think, lol That cursed super buffed steve model was made by @Hozq The last one is just my OC in a render i made at 5 am.
  6. In honor of Terraria's Journey's End update tomorrow, I drew my character. Programs used: Paper, Colored pencils, Paint.net (for editing)
  7. Today was my friend's dog's anniversary. His name was Yanos, a shepherd dog the size of 7-year-old toddler. He was so caring, so loving, and he never let me down. It has been 6 years since I met and played with him in Italy, each summer I would walk up the street to greet his satisfying smile. Then, at the end of 6 years, I was playing in my backyard with my ball, and my mother went to notify me that...Yanos' dead. Hit by a car at night and went in coma. Later in the hospital, he died. That day was when I cried so bad I couldn't hold back. I still mourn my best friend, but I know in my heart he went in a safe haven. May he rest in peace Credits: @DragonPixel for rendering and fixing some lighting issues. @Floofy for his rig. @Swingzero for his old skin(he's behind the door, really dark to see) And yes, I remade my OC. Remember, take care of those who needs help, even animals. They always warm your heart. Please do this favor for me, my friends.
  8. So basically nearly everyone have their own OC rigs, @9redwoods's OC model inspired me to make my own. So yeah, me greeny. Credits to @Hozq for his sharp mouth, but then I modified it a bit and made my own teeth. CC is well appreciated.
  9. Lzake

    The Doom Fist (My OC)

    Images: With Suppresing Armor: Without Suprresing Armor: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ua4f18ndybxlx8k/Doom_Fist.rar/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/m5q3qehy0ax0sss/Doom_Fist_Full_Dragon.rar/file SpeedRenders:
  10. This is a render of a character design I made for an upcoming Original series. If you want to see more of this and other characters Let me know by giving me some Upvotes and Feedback on what type of characters you want me to add
  11. Jnick

    Old Oc rigs i did

    So another post but of some old rigs i did in mb i think around the start of 2018 https://imgur.com/TJpaQBm Here are a photo of the 3 rigs And here is a Render with the Evil bot vs the swat guy https://imgur.com/ePlKXJ1
  12. this is a rig test for my OC design and practice for a black and white style I am working on. credits to Hozq for the hand rig
  13. I'm bad at naming my creations Unedited (Not that much of a difference) Thanks @9redwoods for helping with criticism, and @MYSELF3200 for complaining about his cameo
  14. Last update: 24.02.2018 This is a pack of 3 rigs I've done for some users. I upload them here to demonstrate the features of the rig that can't be shown with my skin. From left: Clockwork Toto (no account on the forums, the contact via Discord), me, MrTaiwan (again, no account here, the contact via Discord server). Download, as always: http://www117.zippyshare.com/v/0rxtLqBJ/file.html Link doesn't work? Let me know and I'll reupload the rig. Features: Ability for reskinning (I described it below), Mouth with teeth and tongue (that can bend), controls similiar to Sticky's template (resizing by scaling lips and expressions on X and Y axis, also moving the expressions on Y axis is allowed when you want to switch between smile/frown), Eyes (whites) and pupils separated for easier recoloring and moving the eyes, 3D Extrusions: > Hair (Two leveled!) > Boots > and a few other optional extrusions on body and arms; Semi-organized timeline and notes in the library, Compatibility with Mine-imator 1.1.2 and future versions only. What's new in 2.0? Alpha Glitch mouth and eyes, Better hair arrangement, Maybe I forgot to write something else. How to reskin? Make sure your head have the scheme that applies to this rig and also make sure that your skin color at head is solid. (Skin in this case DOES NOT mean the whole skin as a picture file!) Dig the holes in the head (2 x 2x2 for eyes, and 1 x 4x2 for mouth, if it's not clear see the skin included in the rig). Erase the eyes from skin, making them the same color as the skin. Open the rig in Mine-Imator. Change the skin texture to skin you just edited. Find the elements with suffix "[ReColor]" and recolor these in the proper color. You'll need to recolor mouth, eyes, pupils and eyebrows (pupils are set in eyes folder). How to add extrusions? You simply need to replace the item sheet (not the skin!) "skin_[numbers]" with your extrusion (the sample is included in the rig). Remember that it will currently work only on these parts of the skin: If you need to extrude something else, please write what and I will think about that. Remember that: I'll be glad if you credit if used anywhere (animation, wallpaper, other rig, profile picture etc.). Not needed but appreciated. You don't need to credit if you use the rig that uses this rig. If you found any bug in this rig, you have a question or you have any idea about rig, feel free to post a message. I'll answer then Older versions: --------------- Older post versions:
  15. recommending criticism is expected please don't be hateful with help from fray i bring this image its not my complete oc yet but until it is this is what you will mostly see
  16. sorry, the video is in french. and no sound.
  17. Here's my OC, Anti Glitch She did have an old outfit but it was hard to rig since I am not professional rigger soooo Yeah! I am really proud of the results of this rig!
  18. WAZZL3

    So, GFX...

    I know, the left eye is Z-Clipping/Fighting. Made in Blender
  19. Actually.... This is Joel452222 , Help me for some body parts or anything. https://imgur.com/a/SK2j6Un
  20. I made a speedart of this one here. It's for an OC named Sparke who has a long story, I've written it out on fanfiction.net. But anyway here the picture is. Give meh crit to devour.
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