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Found 421 results

  1. Teen Girl Rig By : CleverDamon584 Hope You All Enjoy This Rig There Arent That Much Features Added Yet (Warning) Pleas Do Not Come Here Just For The Download Links Pleas Enjoy The Rigs And Animate With Them Features Alpha V1.0 1. Moveable Eye Pupils 2. Mobeable Flower 3. Blushing Ability 4. Cute Eyes Download Rig Here (Enjoy)
  2. I'll take literally any rig request and just reply the requests
  3. MineRig

    Vehicle pack v2

    I haven't uploaded a rig for a while now so here Introducing Vehicle pack version 2 which includes 7 different vehicles. Less laggy 2018 Ford Explorer 2019 Chrysler Pacifica 2017 Toyota Corolla LE 2015 Toyota Prius Mitsubishi Lancer evolution 1996 & 2017 2019 Kia Optima DOWNLOAD HERE *don't forget to credit me when used* Previous: Ford Explorer| Next: N/A Edit: road pack by @Ghatos
  4. Kamenrider Zi-o (Ridewatch) Rig !
  5. James The Nerd

    Train Cart

    A thing I made from boredom made in modelbench The Rig : http://www.mediafire.com/file/9qi36vlcuddn7hf/Train_Cart.rar/file appreciate credit when used
  6. Trailer This trailer will be updated to showcase some of the possibilities in the Mine-imator engine. Thanks to Ayhay and his hard work in the past to keep things up to date. Current list of weapons: Heckler and Kosh MP7 [Preview] Requested from StevePeters Heckler and Kosh MP5 and MP5K [Preview] Requested from AzelfandQuilava Arctic Warfare Magnum [Preview] Requested from Mr. Braindex M202A1 "Grim Reaper" Rocket Launcher [Preview] Requested from Emunator Winchester Model 1887 [Preview] Requested from Elephantman14 M7057 Defoliant Projector (Halo 3 Flamethrower) [Preview] Request from spartansparrrta KBP - I.D.B. PP90M1 [Preview] Requested from XxthatminecraftguyxX Browning M1911 [Preview] Requested from Elephantman14 M134 Vulcan Minigun [Preview] Requested from Minun Glock 18 [Preview] Requested by Derpy Brony E-11 Blaster (Star Wars) [Preview] Requested by teaman22 Colt Python (Black Ops Style) [Preview] Requested by ElvenShot AK-47 [Preview] Requested by The Russian Halo 4 Magnum [Preview] Requested by Andrew Flintlock Pistol [Preview] Requested by Plusle M4 Carbine (M4A1) [Preview] Requested by Andy6868 UNSC Saw [Preview] Requested by Elvenshot Olympia Shotgun [Preview] Requested by Ender Futuristic Gatling Gun [Preview] Requested by Azgreth21 RPG-7 [Preview] Requested by HydroCraft Pulse Rifle [Preview] Requested by MRironman121 Colt Peacemaker [Preview] Original Works Steyr Aug [Preview] Original Works Colt M1 Thompson [Preview] Original Works Black Ops II PDW 57 [Preview] Requested by Mineupfast Crossbow [Preview] Gifted to Rummy M60 Light Machine-Gun [Preview] Gifted to everyone (Happy holidays!) Grapple Gun [Preview] Request from MrSpecialjonny FN P90 [Preview] Request from BOOMmaker The Last Word [Preview] Request from Slendersonic02 Double-Barrel Shotgun [Preview] Request from Aronan M1 Grand [Preview] Request from EnderVaren Boys .55 Anti-Tank Rifle [Preview] Gift to my Secret Santa Click here to view all weapon renders (courtesy of blockerlocker) Attachments M203 Undermounted Grenade Launcher [Preview] (Component of a Request) The Attachment Package [Preview] Original Works The Attachment Package contains: EoTech Holohgraphic Sight, Tactical Flashlight, and a Masterkey Shotgun. Armor Created by Azgreth21 Camos Pack-A-Punched [Preview] Original Works Other Community Honors This topic will not be updated weekly anymore. I will update it to fix formatting and to add unused weapons, along with any rigs people need for animations. To request for a weapon, be sure that the queue has space (5 people maximum) then send me a PM and I'll add it to the clipboard. It's first come first serve so be sure that you get your name in now before the slots fill up. F.A.Q. Terms of Usage [updated March 22, 2014]: You may use the rigs however you wish. They are released on Creative commons 0 where you can edit, use, and showcase the works in videos and images. They can be even used for commercials! You don't even need to provide credit anymore! (although it's nice too provide sources.) You may not redestribute and claim as your own.
  7. Welcome To The Wither Golem Rig Mad By CleverDamon584, Witch Is Me Hope You All Enjoy This Creation (No Credit Needed) Background Not Included Make Shure To SUBSCRIBE To My Channel Pleas It Wold Support Me Very Much Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWULO-N8GeO73vNwy6C-p1w?view_as=subscriber Download Rig Here LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5f510qpatg2st1b/Wither+Golem.zip Hope You Like The Texture This Took Me Some Time To Make Rigged Parts 1. Eyes 2.Head 3.Skin 4. Animations 5. Idle 6. (Mouth Coming Soon My Website LINK: https://cleverdamontoutube.wixsite.com/smithcloud (To Become A Member (Pleas Sign Up) If You Wont To Be Verified (You Must Buy A Monthly Paid Subscription To Access Every Site Tab Thanks For The Support By : CleverDamon584
  8. Well, here are the Ender Siblings, Caiden and Nylah from the render I've made in Both Rigs Created by Me, Face Rig by Skibbz - Edited by Me Textures/Item Sheet by Me | Facial Items/Textures by Skibbz / Edited by Me The Drawing will be presented on the bottom Side Note: Yes these two are endermen/enderwomen but customized. They do not look like the actual Endermen from minecraft. Also, yes I know some textures look weird but it's the best I could've tried with shading them differently. Profile: Front View Profile : Back View Profile : Caiden's Views Profile : Nylah's Views Nylah and Caiden's Reference Sheets // Tried to get it as close as I could to the reference sheet
  9. Demon Wither Skeleton - View Imege Here https://cleverdamontoutube.wixsite.com/mysite Download Rig Here LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dchpov9fazek9k1/Wither_Demon.zip/file
  10. Lzake

    Black Goku

    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bastfofs76qj5g7/Goku Black.rar Images:
  11. Hey there! I'm hosting an event for those of you Super Smash Brothers/Mine-Imator Rig designers! This event is for those of you who make rigs, and are interested in collaborating with me in making a poster that involves the creation of certain characters and placing them in a poster. All that is required, is a comment down below of the name of the character you wish to create. Please try to get the models done within a timely manner, as those who take extended periods of time without letting me know ahead of time will be removed from the collaboration. Here are all of the available characters. (Characters can be used from Smash Brawl, Ultimate, etc) The following characters are taken. This list will be updated frequently to show which characters are available and which are not. All rigs MUST BE ORIGINAL, and cannot be somebody else's fair use rigs. Pac-Man - Redrocker95 Pikachu - Nightwing Here is a complete roster link, incase you are looking for a character to use. https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/fighter/index.html Example: (Credit to TheRageMC for the pokemon rigs. Pac-Man, his Hydrant and Kirby were my own creations.)
  12. xXsentienXx

    Raven meiyo

    odachi mask (forgot to add the katana sheath picture) hair some random artwork (download link) http://www.mediafire.com/file/ssca58bxvvmbtc4/raven_meiyo.rar/file
  13. Hello! This is my SCP Containment Breach rig pack, it was made by me and it includes SCP-049, SCP-096, SCP-106, SCP-173 and SCP-513 (No cowbell, only the Entity) Screenshots: SCP-173 (This was made with an Enderman, so i use another one to cover the top of his head): SCP-096: (You can open his mouth like in the game, just modify the Mouth's Y scale) SCP-106: (Corrosive Liquid not included in the pack) SCP-049: (You can move his pupils) SCP-513: I got kinda lazy with this one, so i just made it a Wither Skeleton. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?6b182qcfu1x6bnv So that's it, if you're gonna use them, please give me credit on the video's description (Also, if you want to, you can send them to me, i would love to see them!)
  14. Hello... allow me to say that after 2 years of vacation from this forum, i've come to the decision to do a slight tweak to my rig due to version difference issues, turn it into .miobject (it was .object), and release my rig for everyone. Maybe someone already did what i did, and it's pretty much old, but not obsolete... Idk, you tell me First off... i will show you the rig Now you see the image... time to see how the rig actually works. Focus on how the character moves. Now you pretty much understand it, do you? it's all about fluid animation I created this rig somewhere around 2016 (When mine-imator is at 1.0.0 release 5 back then) when i read a tutorial about making a smooth camera shake, and folder as camera's pivot point trick (Which makes camera orbit feature useless, and removed). This makes me think that i can apply this trick to player models. It can't be achieved with basic player model, it has to be body parts joined together. This is a character rig, much more focused on fluid animation. The rig allows you to move any parts of the body in multiple directions, i mean... you can move the arm forward while having it to shake during transition (overlapping movement), one layer to move it forward, another one to move it left and right repeatedly as shown in the video. It's basically body pieces with folders, and armor... Now it depends on your animation skill for best results. Download the rig here You can try it yourself, call me/quote me if you used it in your animation because i want to know how effective it was. And about the armor, you can swap the textures for diamond or others, you may be required to duplicate the armor object if you try for colored leather armor.
  15. v0.1 Support the Rig Pack, give it a Rep Want Steve Rigged in your Animation? Click the Banner Below Hello again, this is Zuexs and today I have the Zuexs Advanced Mob Facial Rig Pack by:ME! This rig is designed to be simple for beginners, but have a very advanced background for more experienced users. -Ability to move Pupils -Ability to Use both Eyelids -Mouth is movable by RESIZING INDIVIDUAL PARTS -Eye Sockets are deep in the head allowing for better pupil and lid movement -Comes with a custom terrain.png for all of the textures -3D Teeth and indented mouth -Smiling and other Facial Emotions -Double Eyelids -Skeleton uses the Advanced Bow Rig by Stevepocalyptic -More Mobs To us on... . The Mobs Currently Rigged (Download Here): Agressive Mobs Peaceful and Passive Mobs Custom Mobs By Zuexs: How to Install (For ALL Versions and Rigs): Videos Made With the Rigs (Message Me To Get Your Video Featured!)
  16. Mining is art. Mining to survive is culture. Born in miner family then becoming miner is a tradition . If we have culture based on Mining to fight off monsters at night then we will have multiple jobs based on besides mining , Warrior, Guard , Farmer, Lord, BlackSmith and such. Here is most basic but most used tools of Mikings... [Miner+Viking=Miking genius ] 1handedSword https://www.mediafire.com/file/j9d9yomo2n13zbo/Shord_Sword.miobject/file 2handedSword https://www.mediafire.com/file/6v26mxq37qn4xnn/Miner's_Sword.miobject/file BattlePickaxe [combination of spear, axe, pickaxe] https://www.mediafire.com/file/n16p11iqbqffudu/War_Pickaxe.miobject/file Pickaxe https://www.mediafire.com/file/uij24pilvg39o3g/PickAxe.miobject/file Miking with his armor [not included]{if you like it then just comment i'll release his helmet] Ohoi what is this 4 rigs? In 1 Month? WTF ARE YOU DOInG WITH YOUR LIFE SOLDIERGG1! sorry wifi's data died and i gotta wait for 2 to 3 week to RE-CHARGE IT But i got these also headset or headphone if you are interested then check my profile because there is some stuff you might like so upvote this post and comment if you liked the stuff and follow me on MIforums and subscribe me at Youtube or you didn't like it you can give me advice how to reach your standards .thx download
  17. Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/xow1555pvb65oia/Goku Ultra Instinct.rar
  18. DarkKnight

    Ocelot Rig

    after wolf rig I make Ocelot rig I put a poll on top it's about next rig I hope you enjoy it download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/314ahw24d1d1i1b/Cats_Rig.rar/file I couldn't upload pic or video
  19. I had these rigs for a while but never showed them, so here yall go! PLEASE KEEP NOTE: These versions of Entity and Null are my own versions, They are different from the original Null and Entity 303 Also, these rigs will most likely be updated if needed. Please enjoy these rigs! [These rigs are private. Do not ask for them] Null Entity 303 The Reference Sheet The rigs are still under development, expect some flaws already I am still trying to work with the hoods. So this forum will be updated once I fully update them
  20. Chameleon Circuit Series 1 This is going to be an ongoing Series Until i decide to end it, and until it just gets annoying. It Will contain Different exteriors from the British SI-FI Doctor Who Television Show Including A Tree, A piano [Maybe] And the War Doctors Tardis So, Here are a few Images and the Download Link: DO NOT STEAL ANY TEXTURES OR ANY FILES IN THIS DOWNLOAD LINK (ITS NOT YOURS) ? Anything Wrong with any of the Links please Comment and let me know, and be sure to comment and say you got it And for those who are ready to give some hatred all i have to say is, These are rigs that are old (Not that old) And i Decided it will be good for people to see my rigs
  21. Hi !!!, I will show today the headphones Rig,I worked on it yesterday! --- It is available in three colors, (Red, Green, Blue)! --- Well guys, here are some pictures, Now with the download (the file includes three colors): Thanks for reading here, I wish you a happy day!
  22. This is a preview of my Skin. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/fvnq4vqtw6nkqpd/Matty+D3+[Fix]+Mine+Imator+1.2.0+In+Poi.zip
  23. JPanimatics

    Free Rig Pack!

    So I finished the rig pack that I announced last night, and it is free for everyone to use. As I said, it features most characters but not all. These are the face rigs featured, with details about each rig. These rigs were made in the mineimator community build, but it should work in all versions. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/616z93csw6uvt/Rigs Zombie Pigman- This rig features movable eyes and to create emotion. On the pigs face it features regular white eyeballs with black pupils, but on the zombie side I used hollow eye sockets to convey the skeleton idea in the skin. Pig- The pig features moveable eyes, and has smaller pupils to represent the lack of intelligence, because it makes the pig look funnier in my opinion. Obviously you can change the size if you disagree. Alex- Alex features the whole face rig. With eyebrows, mouth, and eyes, you can make her talk AND show emotion. Cow- The cow features moveable eyes very similar to the pig, but also has a mouth that it can open, featuring a set of bottom teeth. Sheep- The sheep features only moveable eyes, same as the pig. Wolf- The wolf features moveable eyes, that you can change to red to give the wolf an angry look! I intentionally didn't add a collar, because I didn't find it necessary. The wolf also features a moveable mouth, but other than using rotation as seen in the cow, it uses position changes. Blaze- The blaze features moveable eyes, with fiery pupils to convey the fiery mob. I opened his mouth up, but it isn't exactly rigged to move. I just changed the look. MOOSHROOM- This adorable animal has a face rigged in the eyes, but I made him look stupid, and he's bravely sitting underneath the blaze. Idiot. Ocelot- The ocelot is hidden behind the selfish attention seeking villager priest, but he has a slightly visible eye rig. His eyes can show emotion, blink, and all the works. Steve- Steve has the same rig as Alex, but Steve's rig features a nose cover. The nose cover is a surface over Steve's nose, because I didn't like it, but others do. Steve without the nose cap is in the pic, and without the nose cap I don't really like it. Ghast- The ghast is a simple face rig for the eyes and the mouth, but with no pupils or teeth, because I still wanted the Ghast to have that somewhat blank expression. Wither Skeleton and Skeleton- These both feature eye rigs, but with just the "eyelids" to convey emotion, but they have hollow heads with empty sockets. Horse and Donkey- Both characters feature eye rigs, plus the already included mouth rig. The eyes looked a little strange with the rig, because they were on the side of the horse's/donkey's head. Enderman- The Enderman features a simple eye rig, plus the built in eye rig. I believe I have the eyes brightened a bit, to glow in the dark, but that can be adjusted. Creeper- The creeper features a reverse eye rig, with black eyeballs and white pupils. The creeper can have emotions to fit well with your scene. Villager- The villager is actually a human model with a minecraft skin I got from the skindex. I added a nose to the rig, and also a uni brow, other than that it features the same things as Steve and Alex. The Villager project file features all villager ranks, and each one works with the rig. Witch- The witch has a simple eye rig, but it also has a uni brow. The witch does not have moveable arms like the villager, but I didn't think it was that necessary.\ Zombie- The zombie features an inverted eye rig, with red pupils instead of white. Poor dude didn't bring an umbrella to this photoshoot. Anyways, happy mineimating, and I hope you enjoy this Rig. If you use it in your videos, I would appreciate credit, but I don't demand it. -JPanimatics
  24. Xeather

    A Phone [Beta V1]

    Color 1 - Red Color 2 - White Color 3 - Black Download [Beta V1]: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bxifqvkct5ndb4n/A+Phone+(Color+1-2-3)+[Beta+V1)+Mine+Imator+1.2.0.zip
  25. Xeather

    Atari 2600 Rig v2

    -Atari 2600 v1 -Download v1: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ojkx74lxewds50f/Atari+2600+Mine+Imator+1.2.0.zip -Atari 2600 v2 (Don't Resize It Because This Can Cause For The Atari Rig A Lot Of Parts Changing Scale) -Download v2: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dq8kium4wun00qb/Atari+2600+V2+Mine+Imator+1.2.0.zip
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