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Found 23 results

  1. USTICA MADAM A4 UPDATE V5.0. Gonna be Public soon.... I was thinking to not post my final redesign model to the public until I make a music animation video that include the car in so it supprises the audience. But since I have short film project and school, I don't have time to make the music video so I choose to just post it now than never. And here is the render of the car that I made since 2020 till now 2023. ENJOY! (Keep in mind that this render is just a raw fast forward work render) I think this is the first car that would be fully customizable from paint job, wheels/tires, interior designs, addons, etc. And that's why I made each texture for body, interior, machine separately so it can be customized or just drag and drop the png files to the directory. There are also bunch of colors variation from default (Silver) to Red above. I'm sure it's not gonna be released to public right now but I think this year should be out for public. And here is the comparison of my car redesign from 2.0 below and 5.0 above:
  2. like it? Upvote if you like it!
  3. Believe or not, This is maded by Mine-Imator Software, of course. And this model like I said last few months. This is a Model that are using 3 Sphere, 3 Cylinder, And then 1 Cube,And then This got a Hyper Realistic Reflection visual effect on it, This is non edited. So here it is. Very nice right? So to do this I've been using 6 Spotlight. 4 On the front, And 2 On the back. Can this Render get inside showcase Tab?
  4. So with some Improvements On the Car, This time I need to tell ya guys about the car. This car is take the place From. Between Presents, And Future Theme. So that's why This Car looks like more futuristic, but the shape of it Is more like a classical Car for example is DeLorean. So here it is: And One last thing is I got an Idea To make My Own Car Company named Ustica in the future,If I luck enough. So know I know why UMA4 Is not MA4. That because This is the first car I ever Design With my own creativity Ideas, And Yeah I put the name from Ustica into MA4 Is to remember if this Car was the first time In The Ustica History. So just want to Highlight it for future generations. This image Does not Contain A Glow Egdes, So Forget About Glow Egdes. This Is MINE-IMATOR. And Like Always. STAY CREATIVE!
  5. I made a new skin for myself! Or, more accurately, I heavily edited a skin design/concept my brother Griffin84 came up with. I liked it so much I decided to make a render of it. Skin texture, in case you're interested:
  6. watch and download, blin. music: BLYAT SONATA I WANT THIS, BLYAT
  7. This render didn't take me much time to make. However, this render is just a simple showcase for my newest rig I call "Slimp"(Simp lol) and it's actually the first rig I made in the newer UI Modelbench. Every black space for the rig is fully bendable with fingers that have a more appropriate scale. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: The rig used in this render is part of a photo realistic short film I'm working on with Mine-Imator.
  8. I think I found that best F.N.A.F models, I'm not lying. These models are really well rigged!! They give my EnchantedMob vibes. Simply, I Love them! Go show some love to my friend @ShotUAnimations of these god like models!! P.s. to Shot - Umm if you have time to spear can u make my oc? If you don't want to that's ok with me.
  9. Credits goes to @Batman4014 for Genji and Hanzo rig. Pretty detailed. The Hanamura map goes to RehctElf68 This is the first collab between @ShotUAnimations and me. He's in 1st place in Best Renderers in MI forums. Also, 100% MI.
  10. I made a bunch of parts for historical swords, and even text so you can make it accurate to whatever age it's meant to be from. However it is not for fantasy swords, though you can try to use it for that if you want. If you ask me it's harder to make a sword accurate to real life than make it look cool. 13-15 hours to work on this. Download yes i use discord for downloads don't worry i don't think you need an account Showcase: Please tell me any problems you have, or suggestions for later versions, or feedback.
  11. I have been working on this model for awhile now and I'm finally satisfied with the results. The rig was originally supposed to have a "raver" kinda look to it but ended up turning into a toxic variation of my character. This "green stuff" is infestation from my character but glows green, otherwise it's a brownish tan color. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: It took me an hour just to pose the model.
  12. Completely made by me. Simple humanoid rig I made from scratch that I call "Slimp." The rig was heavily inspired by UnmuteChannel's humanoid rig that he has made in the past. Added my own original look and made everything from scratch. Made within one sitting and is planned to be used in a big project in the future. Tell me what you think about it. Fun fact: I struggled for about 3 hours trying to get the fingers to work and look how I wanted them to.
  13. A showcase of my Hellbent and 1963 interiors. The hellbent also has the correct exterior model as well. I am very proud of how they both turned out. As well as a brand new console model which is as screen accurate to the show as I'll get.
  14. Aichrelda Dual Blade A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms Created By: Fryzzle The Pork Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0lai007384caw3a/DualBlade.rar Hope you all like it ! Some Comming soon Rigs! Thank you
  15. so yeah, a showcase for a character from a series that doesn't even exist yet... yeahhh... so here it is! so yeah, in the vid i show all its articulations, but here i have a list if you want to read it: also some still photos if that interests you: and some trivia! it is basically crazy, it gained his own will some time after, so now it is a complete psycho, a machine without feelings, only moving its joints to achieve its ultimate mission, complete knowledge, and that includes emotions, wich means, find its creator and recover its emotional proccesor. no download tho, this is a private rig since, yah know, mah series.
  16. so, long time ago i showed up some wallpapers about a series i was planning since 2015, but i felt like i didn't had the skills and the resources to create it, so here i am, a year later, hope you like this character showcase, also i made a poll to know your opinion, should this series be a comic series or an animation series? first of, DEMIAN and SOUL ME (Bruce): mah sister, MOMO: and my cousin, LUKE: now the enemys! JAW: PHANTOM: SENTINEL: STUNNER: well, that's all, hope you like this charcaters and give me some feedback about them. don't forget the poll! See you later! Gamers and Freaks!
  17. Hello, Hello..! I havent rigged in half a year and I honestly think I'm quite terrible at it.. ..But thats besides the point. I'm currently in the middle of trying to rig something. What do you think?
  18. Greetings, Mortals! I have updated the rig once again! Please do tell me what you like/dislike! Also dont be shy to hit that like button if you like. Double bends! Bendable body and stand! Added shoulder pads! 3d Features: Body & Head! Indented eyes! Head fits all player helmets! & MUCH MORE! Look at the previous updates here:
  19. I swear, it was meant to be a secret. Like, I wasn't even supposed to show it off until the animation for it was released. BUT I LOVED THIS SO MUCH! Presenting... The DOOM Marine! AKA Doom Slayer This model is still in alpha. That means any mistakes you see are likely to be fixed. The final finished product will be shown off in the animation meant for it. All other DOOM rigs coming won't be shown off. And if there is popular demand, I might release the rigs after the animation is published. Inspiration: DOOM (2016) (seriously, get the game, my personal GOTY) Like it? Like it!
  20. Just a showcase for my Lunar Module rig - took me the better part of a day to make. Enjoy. [NOTE - Large Spoiler] Astronaut added for scale.
  21. This video is just suppose to show off scenery for a WIP animation.It's a complete remaster of an older animation I did in 0.7
  22. yush everyone =w=)7 well, my new armor... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuS4UTyXPf0&feature=youtu.be i hope ye like it
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