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  1. Please come back. :(

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    2. tditdatdwt


      Oh my god, he's alive

    3. ClokMaus


      You know it. :teehee:

      How're things around here?

    4. tditdatdwt


      Well, different. Very different.

  2. Are you going to come back?

  3. Man, I just realized I haven't been on the forums in what... 2 months?


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    2. Leooel9


      Bruh, welcome back

    3. Emaniplex


      @Leooel9 You're saying welcome back when I don't know who either of you are!!


    4. Leooel9


      @EmanatronicI left the forums for a while, I spent a good part of 2014 on this website :P

  4. Alas, the Upload button to upload a banner picture for my profile doesn't work. Does anyone else have the same issue, or is it just me? Just curious.

  5. ClokMaus

    Allemn's Element Animation Steve and Alex Rig

    Very nice - as ÜberKiller noted, it's simple but effective. That style seems to be very popular these days. You got a like from me.
  6. ClokMaus

    Batmobile Rig (From Arkham Knight)

    Never played any Batman game, but this is incredible.
  7. Well... I translated my 'Member Title' a few days ago into Latin. It originaly said 'Sardonic Psycho.' I translated it into Caninam Lunaticus. So, today, out of curiousity, I tried translating the Latin form back into English, and what do I get? 'Dog Seizures.' Thanks, Google.

  8. Ah, what a brave new world awaits us.

  9. ClokMaus

    Reflections [Wallpaper]

    I'm pretty sure they were released between the demos (2 & 3)
  10. ClokMaus

    Reflections [Wallpaper]

    DEMO 3 Episode 2 is the version of Mineimator that was used to make this. I just used the full title to clarify the version I was using in case anyone was curious.
  11. ClokMaus

    Reflections [Wallpaper]

    Reflections [Wallpaper] Not much to say here. I've had this wallpaper floating around on my computer for at least a month or so. It was my first test with camera overlays, and I liked it so much that I messed around with the water in Paint.NET. Eh, anyway... enjoy it. ~Programs Used~ -Mine-Imator 1.0.0 DEMO 3 Episode 2 -Paint.NET
  12. ClokMaus

    Realistic-ish Grass

    This is very nice. I really can't think of much else to describe it. Very, very nice.
  13. ClokMaus

    The Earth Project

    Interesting concept, the 'cube-world', and all. It looks promising. It may just be me - probably is - but is America a little "thin"? Just wondering, I know this is still a wip. Looks interesting, though.
  14. What’s on your mind?

    1. Nicolasev


      Killing people... Like someone Called "Clok..."

    2. KicksBrickster
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