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  1. (fnaf sister location) control room map rig https://www.mediafire.com/file/b0pa1hux07zf828/control+room+2.zip/file
  2. Starting with Main room: The place where we get grabpack: Gift shop: Huggy's first appearance: Appearance of huggy's hand: The spooky pathway: Red hand receive place: Tunnels: (sorry for the camera position) Toy maker: appearence of danger huggy: escape tunnel: WE MEET HIM AGAIN!: and again: Thats it. You would say where are the rest of the part? you'll have to download it yourself download:https://www.mediafire.com/file/3c5laopy82nw4gg/Piece+of+Poppy+playtime.schematic/file combine it with this rig pack by @h4ppip33p here is the poppy playtime rig:
  3. Trying to make the fnaf 1 map for animation. Finally done with the dining area of fnaf 1 the lighting is not done yet tho...
  4. This render was made for my most recent minecraft map. Tried going for the look Mojang uses when creating their trailers and images for their website. This map is available to play and download on my website along with this render being present on the map page. Accidently posted this in random test animations. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This render was made over a year ago and the map was used in my other render called "Lit Caverns (4K)." Click here if you wanna see the page for the map
  5. Map made by @IsaacDavid @Supah.exe SansDeGamer555 Turret Download! https://www.dropbox.com/s/axevbcan8627fnd/BatiM - Chapter 1 Map.rar?dl=0 (And if someparts of the map is not visible, go to the Properties and deactvate the "Only Render in HD mode", or i if the "Eye" icon is turn off just turn on)
  6. The ULTIMATE CUSTOM NIGHT MAP Is Here! Picture From Supah.exe And a Video From Me ? Here The RIG "DOWNLOAD" I Hope u Like It
  7. Yay, a new fnaf render I made. It's been months since my last fnaf render in this forums. Credits: MoltenPixel for his springtrap rig @ShotU for his fnaf3 map That's all for today, fellas
  8. Did a 4K cinematic test with lighting too, so yeah, fnaf. Adios!
  9. Credits to: @Floofy for old rig, now I have remade it with some new features and texturing. @ShotU for f n a f 3 Office map Here's the remade version, with texturing and some adjustments, this included:

    Map Rig

    The Rig:- New:- Old:- Update 1 -- Less Blurry:- Update 2 -- Updated to allow bigger photos:- Update 3 --- Added a plus to the default texture on the map to make adding custom images easier:- Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/file/7rc8x25zv4u740y/Map_Rig.zip/file
  11. Made this Portal 2 render, really happy with it. Chell isn't used cuz i figured out "why not have a custom character?", and I placed myself in lol. Anyways, credits! @BaconSandwich for his portal 2 pack, the wall textures, floor textures, the entrance/exit thing, the portal gun, and his turret. Glados is made by me(half complete), and MAYBE it will be private(not really sure). Happy extremely late b-day, Bacon :D, the Glados rig will truly be yours soon! CC is very much appreciated, might need help with lighting and stuff like that
  12. This render was kind of a render I used to test out the "skills" I once had for mine-imator. The map is a part of a mini game that is being developed for Minecraft Realms. Played around with shadows and the bloom a bit, otherwise it's just a quick render I came up with. Don't be afraid to send honest feedback Fun fact: This project was first started a couple of months ago and was recently resumed and finished within a couple of minutes.
  13. haya! This thing's kinda olddd, buttt I thought I'd put it on here because why not It's not public on my channel as the map isn't out yet, but I still want to show it off. It doesn't look like the map will be coming out, so I still won't make it public, buuuttt I'll put it here as it's one of my better animations?
  14. Finished a rig I've been meaning to make with model bench. The minecraft map maker Terasal is the character in the render. The map used is called "Xendora" which was created by me and Terasal awhile back. I used SKIBBZ SFR V.6 (Facial Rig) on the rig. Fun fact: The map used in this render was going to be a survival spawn in the Minecraft Realms. V Map Download V
  15. Hi! When I try to export the map to Mine-imator 1.1.4, I highlight the map area, click Done and the program throws an error. This error is not recorded in the log file. Why is this happening and how to fix? Thanks in advance for your help (Inscriptions in Russian) Thank
  16. Edit this picture in 40 minutes The map used:CLICK HERE
  17. I need the Hypixel Blocking Dead map, but I can't find it anywhere. Edit: I don't know how to get a mod.
  18. Hello everyone! This is my remakes of "fad 1 West Hall" Render Programs Uses: Mine-imator Hours Spend: More than 5? i think i forgot Editing Programs: None [All made in Mine-imator] Hope you all enjoyed! Render size is 4270 x 1946 Critisim are welcome Please don't hate the render or the topics just because it fad I worked hard on it ;-;
  19. hellu , here so close to christmas, i bring to us my rigs and my map of fad that i worked so hard by a week. the rigs are: kenny (fad 4 child), Mike, la Niña, Clyde, Francisco Pizzaro, springtrap, purple guy, fritz smith, mike smith. so, not jeremy. the rigs include: guards: mouth with 2 lips and 2 cheeks. eyes with backdrop and eyelids, (pupils too, duh) and some details to do every guard unique like the look of he's pupils etc. animatronics: movable: ears, jaws, they has the same eye model of the guards. props: Mike has his microphone and la Niña his cupcake (the cupcake is a rig apart) coming soon: phone guy, phone dude, phantoms, all in a download apart, in another .rar like a dlc images: album link: just in case the images doesn't appear: http://imgur.com/a/YPHJF download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/prjdoo77eat6apc/Five_Nights_at_Freddy%27s_Rigs.rar sorry for my bad english, thanks and bie bie. update: in the rig files you may find some rare skins... ARE MINE, DELETE THEM >:/

    My Map Rig

    New Map Rig:- Download:- https://www.mediafire.com/?k66h8ydr3nczd4o
  21. And the working on part Now, i Re-Modeled Again the MAP, New textures, better texture mapping a'n stuff. Stay tuned! BatiM by TheMeatly Games Textures Ripped directly from the game & Edited by me. Modeled by @IsaacDavid Bendy & Boris by @Supah.exe & @IsaacDavid OBS: The Bendy & Boris "Model", Its not a 3D Rigged model Its a 2D Rendered Image.
  22. Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/seym7ow2d4l8wc0/abandoned.zip?dl=0 You don't have to credit me when you use it.
  23. So, I'm planning to make an animation about We Are Number One. Can someone make a map of Lazytown so I can create it? I will also need rigs for instruments, the net, the trap and those dang banana peels. You can find them in the video because I can't say it right now. I will give you credits for making the map. Thanks! I'm only doing this because of those Internet phenomena.
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