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  1. my pc can no longer detect our wifi after bingdows update

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    2. MojangYang


      you failed to describe my frustration and sorrow

    3. DragonPixel
    4. StarFX


      Thanks for the warning.

      Until next time they force an update i won't let my pc update itself

  2. whyyyy just whyyyy the addition of just bones will complicate the software so much and would serve no purpose nor make anything easier. you want armatures? you have blender.
  3. When you hacked a sounds library website to get their audio for free, but later found out their audio files were free anyways

  4. Alright, how many of you guys actually enjoy learning?

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    2. DragonPixel


      those words that my brain do not know 

    3. Ghatos


      I guess it has something to do with math, and in that case I hate it

    4. DragonPixel
  5. It's best to keep different versions of the same wallpaper in the same topic instead of creating multiple, so they take up less space in the "recent topics" section. But the art is great.
  6. This is awesome!! but has he not learned to not put firework stars in his rockets?
  7. She he taught me to cuss on discord
  8. It does autosave, and do so every 5 min by default and can be changed in the settings. Each time it autosaves, a .mibackup file is created (I think its in the project folder)
  9. very nice replication of minecraft mocements. but keep on mind, your movements are all linear and everything starts and stops moving suddenly. Its best to use ease in ease out for character movements. also keep in mind, some movements, like crouching are instant transitions
  10. you can only save the keyframes in one timeline at a time. this is so the next time when you import it, mi doesn't get confused on which keyframes applies to which timeline.
  11. Nobody:

    Me: Proceeds to defend CG in a stop motion behind-the-scene video and feeling embarrassed afterwards

    1. OzFalcon


      Both are equally great tools in filmmaking, don't feel embarrassed!

  12. unfortunately this topic is so old, your new posts in it will no longer be shown to us. make new topics.
  13. MojangYang

    Piggy rig

    yes it does. Its very important for the topics to be organised.
  14. That shouldn't be a gaming pc since no recent ram modules have their pcb exposed
  15. The lighting is amazing, but the... The walk cycle is kind of uh... stiff and repeated, and syncronised
  16. What would you need addons for and who would make them
  17. They generate and save in chunks of 16 x 256 x 16 blocks
  18. So... The world isn’t round, nor is it flat and generates as we explore? mind blown
  19. I'm ultimately confused and I don't think this is gonna... you know... work
  20. #ccnotappreciated

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    2. MojangYang


      (says the dude who was pissed about people not giving him cc for his work?)

    3. Ethaniel


      I want criticism. Cc is this stupid culture on the forums that use a term they don't understand. 

    4. Benji


      "CC" is a fad that no one actually understands, actual constructive criticism is nothing like what you guys do at all and that's on periodt.

  21. Those on the wallpaper are the people on Dragonpix's discord server. you have to join his server.
  22. I look extra yellow and blend in with the sky ;-;
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