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  1. @Wan https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKDThmGBv7SyO8_mRFFfKCw @MicroPon3YT Animations https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFYHvt4PDHHNyuuXbUG0jSg
  2. hi there m8 iz-artz here or izharcraft well i just made a minecraft animation which is "if minecraft was thirdperson shooter" so its just test animation tbh, i just got inspiration from GTA so yeah. i hope you like it
  3. yeah you can use any weapon and stuff
  4. lel ikr the title little bit wierd btw yeah i bad at naming
  5. creeperz animation umm i think i cannot use the link what you send it because when i trying to download it. it dosen't work for me can you send from google drive, drop box or media fire
  6. Weapon Master Collab ok so i just hosting the collab it called Weapon Master so yeah here the rules for the resolution 1280 x 720 Fps 30 Application you can use any application you want just like - Mine Imator -Blender -c4d -Maya Duration minimal : 10 sec maximal : 30 sec Format .wmv & .mp4 deadline 17 july no background music +you can create your animation non minecraft +you can add a watermark +you don't have to add some transition if you finish your entry or your animation please register h
  7. So yeah guys i just create a animation it called "iz story file 2" so yeah i hope you guys are enjoy this movie So the animation is take 4 mount for fighting scene yeah so i hope you guys are enjoy my series and don't forget to subscribe if you don't wanna miss so yeah
  8. So yeah guys i just made a Test again that one it was a result ^ so this one is the Time Lapse HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT
  9. well i don't know why. btw i trying my best for getting more subs
  10. I feel I want to countinue my project yeah you know that server galatica
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