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  1. Rise Again (GIF)

    thanks for rating btw, the text is the only thing that isnt made in mine imator. i edited the text with another app
  2. Rise Again (GIF)

    What do you guys think about this Picture? Is it good or nah?
  3. can i still send 1 that has been uploaded before november 5? srry i just saw there was a topic about MIDSA..
  4. 3D Texts

    I've Been using Mine-Imator for 2 Years now. I saw it changed wonderfully. Everything became perfect up to the update of 1.0.2. But there is 1 thing left I've Been looking for.. 3D Texts. I've been looking forward for the 3D Texts ever since 0.6. I am not the type of person who scripts. But is it possible to make 3d texts in mine imator??
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