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  1. NA Team Rig

    thanks you
  2. NA Team Rig

  3. NA Team Rig

    Hellow everyone here I will share a rig that I made from ModelBench. but i added somethings from mine-imator into my rig, here's an example of the rig I created: and this is the previews of the rig: Download Rig Here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/422i58aol0v8b97/NA Team Rig.zip Note: This rig does not include Weapons, and you must use mine-imator Latest Version Credit: - @SKIBBZ Rig Face V4 If you are a real animator then u must give a credit to the owner rig
  4. HUD Rig

  5. Triangle

    wow thanks i really like the idea
  6. Hello i like mine-imator so much but... i have a problem Keyframe from background. except: "the Fog or cloud Color,sky,sunlight Etc" is not bugging for keyframe (animating) no matter how the wind is bugging for keyframe... for example wind speed: 25 Keyframe into:45 keyframe Result is to fast!!! well... maybe in the future it would be updated (i hope so... )
  7. SFR V.4 Facial Rig (MI 1.1.2)

    Good job Now we have a rig face from C4D for mine-imator
  8. Triangle

    no...... oke then did this block is will be in the mine-imator update soon? or nope. T_T
  9. Triangle

    thanks its work but... i want to be like this: can i do that?
  10. Triangle

    i want a Block Triangle... (or Square Triangle) not a Plane But with a body
  11. Triangle

    Hi Can you adding some New Default block? like: Triangle? i just see cone... But that's is not a triangle.... i Can't see it anywhere.... can you make Triangle?
  12. Hi can you do the character into body part that can we drag? (or do it like lock or unlock the body part?) not move position... but drag the body part that we want to move in the timeline i can't drag the body part of the character for example: Legs into Cube or arms into Head or any of the character we want to move i know we have the body part feature but... i want it simple way to do
  13. this is more like C4D Major Update
  14. Memory Drop!!!

    Version 1.1.2 my ram is 4096MB RAM i update directx But it's also doesn't work T_T (Still Drop memory and FPS, when i move the camera is laggy Really laggy) But When I Shrink the windows (until "camera Work" is gone) it's Fine like a normal.... uh idk how to send my project and all assets to @david
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