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Found 62 results

  1. At long last, I have done it. Works best when viewing on a phone and/or in mobile VR headset. (Note: cannot change view by turning the headset. MI simply does not have the capability to be responsive to head motion, and it would also be incredibly complicated to engineer such capability even with outside programs.) The (test) animation is here. and for an extra treat... 1000000000% MI
  2. Want a security camera with unneccissarily realistic textures? Course you do! That's why I made one. I even added a working screen because I wanted to look so nice. Ok, so it's not "Minecraft-y". Textures are loaded in the folder, so you can change em if ya want. Please credit if using. (Would YOU want to take credit for this monstrosity?) As always, comments and jealousy are appreciated (cuz I got an ego) DOWNLOAD
  3. RyanCR3

    Camera Rig

    Camera Rig for mine imator 1.2.2 Download
  4. I have recently made a security camera rig, and I would love to share it with all of you guys. This rig includes; Working live Monitor, A security camera and an Active Camera for the Monitor. This can be useful to anyone who wants to create a Prison with security cameras and control room, or a mall cop watching his mall. The turning point folder, in the rig, is what you use to turn on camera on the Y, and Z, access, please turn the camera, CCTV camera, its self for the X access. Please!, if you are using leave credit to me here - https://www.youtube.com/SlamacowCreations -Thank You, Please have fun with this rig, This is my first ever rig posted on these forums and my FIRST one made with Mine-Imator, If there are any rigs you want me to try and make please tell me, I'm up for the challenge.
  5. Hello, I wanted to give a suggestion to the Mine Imator ! About the new features of the camera as Bloom and color correction, I want to give a suggestion of a new feature very important, The "camera shake" feature! Besides making it much easier and saving our time there are those who do not know how to do a video editing for the Shake effect (which would obviously be the refuge for those who find it quite annoying to animate a shaking camera every 2-3 frames!) In my opinion it would be an incredible feature that would greatly help the scenes where there will be impacts and other things! To assist them in the idea the feature could be as follows: Put the option of the movements: Max X: --- Max Y: --- Max Z: --- Or a direct option like: "Strenght": --- And: "Shake speed": --- I hope my idea is accepted, I look forward to an answer! : 3 (And sorry for my bad english !)
  6. I've taken some tutorials and familiarized myself with mine-imator, but when I first started, I can only aim the work camera, but how do I move? Do I need a mouse? I am on a laptop and do not have one yet.
  7. Hey, Guys! I made a render camera! Pic: ?DOWNLOAD HERE:? DOWNLOAD
  8. I have seen people using 2 folders to get really neat and smooth animation...well how do you do that ?
  9. i want to ask all of you that, how he make the scope at 0:44 in this video.  
  10. I've been searching for any topics regarding this issue on the forums, but apparently no one has reported this yet, not that I know. So here's the problem, when you use any FOV value that is significantly below 45 on your camera, you'll notice that the rendered range goes down and you end up with places on your animation that seem to be lacking shadows. The lower the value, the less shadows you'll see. Normal: With decreased FOV: I'm not sure as to what is the cause of this but I'm sure that it can be a heck of a pain in the ass especially when you use a decreased FOV on a scene with a huge background where this glitch is most noticeable at. If you want to try this yourself, use a FOV value of 1 and you'll see that shadows completely disappear from the scene. Is there any solution to this inside the program itself? :c
  11. Hello there! I just installed Mine-imator recently, impressed of it's simplicity and interface. However, when I tried to get started on my first simple animation everything worked fine, except MOVING THE CAMERA! Rotating it and zooming was completely fine, but for some reason WAEZRSDQZX did not do anything. Supspecting it might be because it was set for the american keyboard layout, I tried changing it, but that also did not work. (NOTE: I am using the german standart "QWERTZ" layout.)
  12. Is there a plan to implement orthographic view? it wouldn't only be for 2D animations, but would be nice to look at your character in 2D to see how the movement looks. Orthographic Front/Rear/Right/Left/Top view
  13. Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/k6f6nz70m5va47t/Motioned+Camera.object Video:
  14. -- A Small Camcorder -- Hi, i'm a newbie on this site, and i'll share my rig! You should read the README.txt before using my rig. Pictures: Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?2f3483m9c26t8sd Leave a reply and tips for me! ~ Thanks ~
  15. Everything is in the title.
  16. Camera / Camcorder Rig V.1.0 PS : My first rig posted here in M-I forums Features: * FPV Screen! * GUI! * Detailed Rig! * Movable Parts! Features on later V2: * Night-Vision capability * Complex & Complete GUI * More detailed parts & others * Gradient color Credit is appreciated! https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B50fxHt6U2OiWWtYQjBmRWllUzA Thanks for the positive feedback! Happy animating!
  17. edit: basically useless This is for the animators without proper editing programs to add cinematic bars images: Download
  18. idk the official name for this effect so i used "Zoom in and out" and "Zoom out and in"
  19. Using the middle mouse button to pan the camera left/right/up/down. Also a button to display a list of the keyboard shortcuts and controls for handy reference.
  20. Working on an animated series , need voice actors, animators , and someone that can work the camera message me for details.
  21. edit: Ok I think I just solved it.. apparently the keyframes being visible and invisible method works, I just had to click anywhere else to deactivate the camera and "active camera" mode is enabled.
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