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      Version 1.1.0 is finally here! Thanks everyone for your input, patience and help with bug-smashing! https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/46014-mine-imator-110/  
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      Dev update #12 part 1   12/19/17

      Steve will get deliciously curvy in the next update! We also take a look at what happened during 2017 for Mine-imator. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69008-dev-update-12-part-1-2017-in-a-nutshell-and-flexible-steves
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      Mine-imator will be getting some new and exciting graphics in 2018. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/69014-dev-update-12-part-2-a-bright-future-and-modelbench-news  


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  1. Don't sweat it! And I'm glad you enjoyed my video! More videos like that to come! As well as just great videos and streams too! Feel free to sub! I'd love to see you pop up on a stream
  2. Actually no! I check out other peoples creations and videos! Sorry if the only thing I post however are MY things
  3. Come join the server on the 17th! Come enjoy the XcellentZone and meet a brand new and amazing community with many new custom mini-games and plugins! You'll love it!!! ip: play.xcellentzone.com
  4. This video is to show off all the newest block textures to minecraft 1.13!
  5. Watch as I decimate people on Hide and Seek in THE HIVE! (hivemc.eu) and enjoy the hilarious content!
  6. Is there a problem with me? I'd really like to know! Because I don't think I did anything bad to you for me to deserve all the hate

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Oh no, someone downvoted me! I can't believe they hate me so much even when a downvote could just mean they didn't like that thing.

    2. MysticCoyote


      No no Ethan... It's that he downvotes all my things. I just would like to know. No need to be so toxic

  7. This Custom Map is a very cool and fun map! Very funny and great to watch! Come watch the video! You'll love it!
  8. This is a "Sequel" adventure map of a map i've already done! link in the description of this video! This video was shown to me by the map creator! Great map! I'm sure you'll enjoy this video everyone! And as always! Keep it good on the MysticSide!!!
  9. Minecraft FOV/SENSITIVITY Challenge! MUST WATCH!!!

    The only thing Yogscast about the intro is literally just the song I rather enjoy it so I use it! Sorry friend! Regardless hope you enjoyed the video! Sorry??? I mean. Did you like the video?
  10. Minecraft FOV/SENSITIVITY Challenge! MUST WATCH!!!

    Although it is honest! So not really clickbait it is Lowest FOV and highest Sensitivity! A challenge video! No clickbait, completely honest!
  11. This is a cool challenge! I'm playing Hide & Seek on THE HIVE, playing as a seeker with the lowest of FOV and the highest of sensitivity! You'll love how this video is! Come see and hopefully leave me a comment in the video if you have done better or want to try it! Have an awesome time watching this video!
  12. Hope you all enjoy the FINAL part of this adventure map! If you haven't seen the first part! Take a look! You'll love it! Anyway! Here's the link!
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