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  1. This series is inspired by the "Shadow of Israphel" from the Yogscast! The Day of Reckoning is going to be something amazing! I really do feel like I did something great with this! Please take a look and consider subscribing!
  2. Gotta say! They put in a lot of work into this map! Leave a like on my video if you've enjoyed it! And please leave a comment on my actual video letting me know your thoughts
  3. I hope you enjoy this roleplay! It's inspired by Shadow of Israphel!
  4. I really hope you enjoy this video! This map is really good! The map maker really did a great job with the story in this!!!
  5. This is part 3 of the Time Loop adventure map! If you want to see from the start! Check out my channel! I've made a playlist for it specifically!!! Thanks for clicking! "Keep It Good On The MysticSide"
  6. This has to be honestly the best map of 2019 so far! It get's so much better within each episode of mine! This is such a great map you won't want to miss it! https://youtu.be/Y3ACYaOaAsw
  7. Good Map with a few little happy mistakes in them
  8. Did I make it to the end of the map!? Find out!
  9. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Leave your comments down below! I'll be sure to respond to them! Send hate if you really don't like it and why! I love to hear opinions and criticisms!
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