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    animation, video making on YouTube and making people have a good time! (Also I play the guitar???)
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  1. I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Leave your comments down below! I'll be sure to respond to them! Send hate if you really don't like it and why! I love to hear opinions and criticisms!
  2. Trying to make old Mini-Games relevant again... Probably won't work out But I did notice a lot of nostalgia vids of mc so I gave it a shot!
  3. Please! I URGE everyone to show this to people! Share this!!! Honestly I couldn't be more scared... I haven't done much since! Just been scared for the past 3 days and have gotten sick! Share this guys... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HxMCOM1xdg
  4. I know it's a little late But I feel like a nice christmas video was needed!
  5. We're holding off a building contest on the 29th of September! It will end on the 20th of October! The theme of this contest is "Haunted House" so come on the XcellentZone and make you're best haunted house! Prizes can be won for 3 places! 1st place gets: "A gift card, 1000 Xeros (in-game currency) and 3 Loot keys (1 Gold Loot Key, 2 Red Loot Keys) " 2nd Place gets: "500 Xeros and 3 Loot Keys (1 Gold, 1 Red & 1 Blue)" 3rd Place gets: "250 Xeros & 2 Loot Keys (1 Red & 1 Blue)" So what are you waiting for! Come on the XcellentZone and Keep it good on the MysticSide IP: play.xcellentzone.com
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