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  1. I wish there was a jungle village in minecraft... Anyways, I built a Jungle village by my own, so here is the Download! Pic: When you use it, notify me and credit me. If you have any wishes for rigs or scenerys, comment them and I will try my best on making them! If a rig/scenery was your idea, you don't have to give credits to me.
  2. wifi was down, so i opened MI and went crazy i guess. hope you guys enjoy, see you next year or something. unedited: programs used: Mine-Imator, Clip Studio Paint
  3. Brick building scenery made in modelbench hope u enjoy it ? I'm too lazy to write the features... Don't forget to credit :v also link download here | V
  4. Can This forum have one more tab, like Showcase, but It's just for Assets, And Presets. -RIG. -Scenery. -Electronics. -Furniture. -Vehicles. -Weapons. etc. And it will be awesome because it has Thumbnail, so that's it.
  5. Car model: @Ghatos Reference image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/AKGkz
  6. Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e3j4su7csse4gqc/Velociraptor+Paddock.zip
  7. A render i made using only mine imator
  8. Yeah I made a kinda nether style background thingy... Not much to it... (idk how to post images but here's the link) http://www.mediafire.com/file/k4dno9zr4uncjgs/Nether Prop.object
  9. I am making an animation of a minecraft Dalek, can someone plz send some scenery for the animation my way? Sending a world folder would be sufficient, I only ask because my "Import world" option isn't working.. Anything works. Sorry to trouble you. Also, of course credit will be given to whoever helps me!
  10. Finished a rig I've been meaning to make with model bench. The minecraft map maker Terasal is the character in the render. The map used is called "Xendora" which was created by me and Terasal awhile back. I used SKIBBZ SFR V.6 (Facial Rig) on the rig. Fun fact: The map used in this render was going to be a survival spawn in the Minecraft Realms. V Map Download V
  11. Hello! Prismatic Spirit here, I've made this render today as a warmup for my comeback. I was messing around with the scaling, lights and other built-in camera effects since I lost my Photoshop software due to 2019's patch. UHD Cinematic 2018-11-03 Created by Prismatic Spirit I was planning to use some schematic piece from 1.14 snapshot but I forgot that I "optimized" the world rendering it useless in older versions, hope you enjoy this render which I don't think is good by my standards. CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! BY USING YOUR SUPPORT, I CAN MAKE BETTER RENDERS THAN MY OLDER ONES!
  12. I am Making a BATTLEGROUND ANIMATION but when doing that i need a isalnd with random buildings and town i will thank anyone who help me
  13. I would like to request if any of you guys have a Big City scenery because I don't have Moinkreft. Thanks.
  14. So, I figured out that the new Mine-imator doesn't use the old block sheet... And, I'm figuring a way to animate water, lava, etc... in a new resource pack, but you can only add one texture in one object! The thing is, I'm using a resource pack and trying to change the textures of the scenery, but it has a river, and I can't find a way to change the river texture because the new block sheet doesn't contain water and it can't be animated even if it was in there. P.S. it's 128*128 so Mine-imator crashes
  15. I could really use this and so could other people but I do NOT have minecraft so i cant import it, will someone be kind enough to do it for me?
  16. Can someone please help me by giving a large taiga biome and can it come in a zip file and not a rar file. I don't have minecraft and I cannot afford it.
  17. Hello, just make the second scenery here. Btw, this scenery I add the trick there soo you can hide the grass, stone, wood trees. To get no lag or fps down. And yeah I make this scenery easy for you all here the images. Images And here you go Ohh yeah about the trick here you go as you can see you can hide the leaves, tree, water, stone, and grass. This trick make you more easy to use big schematic with no lag and fps drop. and the credit here. and yeah Here the download link Download Aether World Hope you like it Thx and bye.
  18. It would be nice if there were some alternative starter scenes for projects, like a basic forest, desert, caves, villages, etc, instead of just the default plain grass. It would be helpful for people who aren't very experienced to start out, or for if you just want to make a quick head shot avatar or banner, but also to cut down on the vast amount of no-scenery wallpapers and animations (this isn't an excuse for laziness though). Maybe even a few tree and villager house schematics to come with the program too? 3 hours ago, Astro Animations said: um click the workbench crafting table (wow actually it isn't called that anymore why'd I say that) click create schematic click browse it should bring up a whole folder about all these different preset schematics
  19. Hello everybody. Now i've made The Pit Stage, from Mortal Kombat. Take a look: DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#F!o0FzGI4b!MY3B0NFlhwqzE1kepZlR5g And again.. tell me what u guys think
  20. I need scenery made for my school animated series! I need: several houses (seperate), paths, school with computer lab (ect), Decorations, Helicopter and several separate cars. You will get credits in the descriptions of each and every video. You do NOT need to all you could do just one!
  21. Here's my new survival games spawn https://www.mediafire.com/?0jf6fupz9407cp1 Screenshots:
  22. Shadowguy163 rig (me) made by MobKiller Animations Mineshaft scenery by NibbiTz
  23. I need A dude that can send me a good scenery for my animation . i need them because i havent buyed minecraft yet and cant import ofcourse if you are intrested contact me in my youtube : Rifqii Gaming
  24. Skjold

    Space Scene

    Space scenery by Skjold Ever thought how badly you wanted to make a space animation? Well me neither! I present you my space scenery. Just download and use as you want. It is included in a .mproj so you can make your scene in there or import it into an existing project. /!\ The stars are made out of 500 particles and can lag on lower end hardware. /!\ BUT ENOUGH TALKING! Let me show you. These are a couple of examples of what you can do in it. This has been a look at my space scenery. Feel free to use at any time. If you were to use this in an animation, leave a link to it in the comments if you'd like. [ DOWNLOAD! ] ( GOODBYE! Hope you enjoyed! ) (If so, you know what to do.) \/
  25. Hello, people! I'm want to make .schematic file of world but I don't know how to load world to Mine-Imator schematics creator's dropdown list. Can anybody help? please, help! I'm don't know what to do and then I written on forum. (sorry for my bad English) Please help!
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