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  1. wtf is dab? you still have the wallpaper? lemme see it!
  2. Just click the crafting table icon, then click steve, and then load your skin in the menu before loading the model in the scene.
  3. Saying that u want it that way don't make you deny any criticism. Ur just saying that u want it that way. Neither I have understand that joke. I don't like zootopia. But instead of raging on him because of that simple thing, I read the comments searching for any answer. So stop trying to justify your nonsense bro. You're probably trying to get attention or mess people stuff around.
  4. Gosh! That is simply IMPOSSIBLE! AMAZING! WONDERFUL!
  5. They work for me..
  6. Hello guys! It's been so long since I posted here in the forums... Today I made to f@d wallpapers. Hope you like it! ^^ Credits goes to DarkDragonPro, Creeper2555 Salaudo and Allemn for the models.
  7. What? Only posted an wallpaper i've made. Look at the topic title.
  8. Hello everybody. Now i've made The Pit Stage, from Mortal Kombat. Take a look: DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#F!o0FzGI4b!MY3B0NFlhwqzE1kepZlR5g And again.. tell me what u guys think
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