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  1. ViVo Smartphone Rig 1.0

  2. ViVo Smartphone Rig 1.0

    HEY EVRYONE! HE HAS GANGRENE. *rip table* Overall this looks good.
  3. Desktop Computer Rig

    Dude you keep on making good stuff. Keep it up mate
  4. [Wallpaper]Nap

    pls dont use this font but in overall this is a good wallpaper
  5. Scenery Request

  6. Scenery Request

    ya i can have a rar file but zip files are easier or object files
  7. Scenery Request

    Can someone please help me by giving a large taiga biome and can it come in a zip file and not a rar file. I don't have minecraft and I cannot afford it.
  8. [{FACIAL RIG}]

    Looks like @SKIBBZ Facial Rig.
  9. [1.0.6] Roblox Rig

    That is amazing 1+ o o f
  10. Fox And Dog

    *Dog* The wallpaper looks nice tho
  11. Nzshark6s wallpaper dump

    Ok some of the wallpapers are... okay but birds with boobies don't work and second of all that ain't NSFW, that is just... randomness. But overall 4/10
  12. Oven Rig

    neato mateo 1+ rep
  13. The Haunted Eps.1

    ok. I think you should start a series once you have a higher rep and for real herobine Animation is ok but some parts are linear and you should learn selective glow and you should have more juicy parts than one scene. Second of all the lighting is poor There is potential keep it up.
  14. Lur and the Wolf - Animation Team

    This idea is good but you need higher rep sp people can back you up. But overall this idea is good..
  15. Stealing ChrizMezz

    Its too early for Christmas.
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