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  1. CRafter27

    "You Ok Dude?"

    Lol no, i tried to put a photo, of a photo back. dangit, yeah i know. i forgot to make a eyelid rig. thats another thing i made.
  2. CRafter27

    "You Ok Dude?"

    It's a thing! so yeah, feel free to use / don't use.
  3. CRafter27

    Sorry for fad, but I thought it was ok.

    idk something with the rig, i think they're moved in front of bendy's head.
  4. CRafter27

    S L A U G H T E R Poster 1.

    aka i cant animate and want to copy skibbz with his posters my series is posters!
  5. a thing i made, to copy C O N C E P T.NOTE: this is not a real series.
  6. CRafter27

    Which Poster Looks Better?

    Sure but, just click on library and whatever steve you want, then click texture, by username and the OfficialCraft27, if that doesn't work here is my email. whats your email. Use OfficialCraft27... I messed up on this account name. It was going to be The_Crafter27.
  7. CRafter27


    y-you know what that is! *insert fangirl squeal*
  8. Skibbz SFR v.1 Ivan bates V.4 Random BATIM Skin. SSAO, 200% Grey-Black color. and that's all i used.
  9. CRafter27

    Which Poster Looks Better?

    Could you use my skin for one of them? (i'm fine with being in crappy/great/meh animation work.)
  10. CRafter27

    [Extremely Short Memes] REEEEEEEEEEEE!

    what. is. this.
  11. CRafter27

    i think this is good (not really)

  12. i gave myself the 5 minute challenge, ehhh it's not that good.
  13. CRafter27

    Sorry for fad, but I thought it was ok.

    Thank Emaniplex, i was just testing a rig. i think it's one of the better animations i've done.
  14. CRafter27

    Sorry for fad, but I thought it was ok.

    How to fix name? (no really was it good err... ok though)
  15. Yeah, its BATIM but i thought it was ok, just wondering if i could get some feedback.
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