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  1. DuallyElemental

    Fractured Reality (Christmas Wallpaper) (4K)

    Even if he did, you could’ve waited
  2. DuallyElemental

    Fractured Reality (Christmas Wallpaper) (4K)

    Wait till the right season m8
  3. DuallyElemental

    Up On The Roof Tops [4K Cinematic]

    I started thinking of an elementary school Christmas carol I was taught
  4. DuallyElemental

    A Starry Night (4K)

    Make the stars brighter, add more scenery, and it'll look great
  5. DuallyElemental


    Wow @Skjold should really see this
  6. I get it when a teacher asks you to write an essay on something like the Reconquista, but what are you supposed to do when your teacher asks you to write an essay on your bedroom? Like, idk about you guys, but my bedroom is small and organized, and has nothing but a lamp, closet, and bed in it. Am I supposed to write about the my shirts in horrendous detail?

    1. MikTRF




      I'm making an essay on two short stories and a theme called magical realism

  7. DuallyElemental

    [4K Cinematic] New Beginnings

    I'm gradually going to become inactive, so yes, sorry. You can still contact me through discord though
  8. DuallyElemental

    [4K Cinematic] New Beginnings

    Yea pretty much
  9. DuallyElemental

    [4K Cinematic] New Beginnings

    I just got bored and discouraged.
  10. In case you haven't seen it yet:


  11. DuallyElemental

    [4K Cinematic] New Beginnings

    I decided to pretty much quit animation, and move on to something else, and I wanted to make one last wallpaper.
  12. My day has been absolute shit, how's yours?

    1. Swift


      Butchering chickens and ducks

    2. MikTRF


      I had a nerf war... it's pretty good.

      also, why has your day been [cencered]?

    3. MYSELF3200



      It's spelled "censored".

      Also, she said it, you can too.

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