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  1. Glockenspiel is fun to say 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. YoshiHunter


      holly crap, IT'S HIM! 🤩

    3. DuallyElemental


      I’m a percussionist myself actually

      also no, floor toms and suspended cymbals are more fun imo

    4. Dannyboi


      Jaw harp isn't fun to say but it has the best noise.

  2. I love it when people think getting their electronics taken away is like getting executed.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dannyboi


      I've seen this with the kids at school. It's not a problem with me, because I am not only a good boy, but I also barely use electronics. It's sad to see how much people rely on it, especially when most of the useful functions could be supplemented with a watch and an old flip phone.

    3. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Interesting enough during the youtube shutdown outbreak people claimed they would die if youtube wasn’t around to entertain them.

    4. Mike


      interesting perspective from a forum admin

  3. how do i play 6 auxiliary percussion instruments at once help

    1. MikTRF




      tbh i dont know

    2. Dannyboi


      If you practice enough it just happens, I guess.

    3. DuallyElemental


      I can’t go to five below and get a gong and a crash cymbal though

  4. DuallyElemental

    Colour Mixer Addition

    but you don't because the hexadecimals are right next to the color select screen. They look like this: #ffffff, (hexadecimal for white) which can be replaced by other letters or numbers. Just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V it.
  5. DuallyElemental

    Colour Mixer Addition

    Just copy the hexadecimals of the colors
  6. DuallyElemental

    Sword Rig

    Make the blade waay thinner and rename the rig to “Scythe”
  7. DuallyElemental

    reading my comments

    flame war* the lighting could use a little work, (like the left door interior in the first image. Maybe give it a little light inside?) but everything else was good.
  8. DuallyElemental

    A traitor's end

    Lol that was hilarious, it makes me feel a whole lot better about my temper and self restraint issues. Wallpaper was pretty good imo, I like your style. Just make the image a bit brighter so I can see the other side of a screen
  9. i have contracted the common cold

    1. BaconSandwich


      RIP, I'm just getting over a fever. Hope ya get better soon

    2. 9redwoods


      Hope you feel better.

      The good part about having the cold is that you don't have to go to school and your parents treat you better.

    3. DuallyElemental


      Well my parents don’t actually care. As long as I can get out of bed, I have to go to school. And my immune system is pretty strong, so I’ll probably recover before school

  10. “How to not live a miserable life” tips from me (and my band director too)

    -be able to take criticism and don’t distort things

    -don’t overthink or overreact

    -don’t exaggerate your negative experiences 

    -be able to laugh at yourself at any given time


    My band director:

    -Life is hard, deal with it

    -don’t evade your taxes

    -only go for a gf/bf if you can maturely break up with them

    -tell good jokes (jokes that only select people can understand, not instagram humor)

    -go outside every now and then. Put your phone down. Get off your electronic device . Go ride a bike.

    -respect your superiors

    -don’t be cocky. If you are being cocky, someone’s gonna tell you. At that point, you should stop being cocky.

    -count your damn blessings and make your own little fire of hope.

    -try not to be too much of an attention seeker.



    -subscribe to pewdiepie

    -unsubscribe from t series

    -browse good subreddits (my personal favorites are r/me_irl, and r/ihadastroke, and the ones that SootHouse and SorrowTV go over)

  11. DuallyElemental

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 6 [TEASER]

    Thunder is probably my favorite, but I don’t listen to a lot of modern pop and rock I feel that demons does fit the theme of this series though. I’m excited to see it!
  12. What's your graphics card compared to @Voxy's?
  13. DuallyElemental


    Why would you downvote fluffy? Also my suggestion is getting a better graphics card, or pc.
  14. DuallyElemental

    Hook Sword

    Not bad! Curve on the blade could be done just a bit more. Also, try adding designs or decorations to the sword. Like glowing runes or an engraved pattern. +1!
  15. DuallyElemental

    Pausing and continue played where you paused at with a key

    Actually, if you click and drag on the timeline, you can select the block of animation that you want to play, and it'll loop only those frames.
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