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  • Gender Female
  • Location The Computer / Textbooks
  • Interests Likes:
    Alan Walker
    EDM genre
    Orchestra (sometimes)
    Low Brass
    Classical and EDM
    Hanging out with friends

    Popular kids who go out of their way to say “I’m popular, obey me”
    Pop (lyrics)
    A lot of Fortnite
    Cheap people
    Rich snobs
    People with the “I’m better than you” attitude even though you have more publicity/fame
    Couples (Straight, gay, or les) who who go out of their way rub it in our faces 24/7 (I’m okay with gay/les people as long as they don’t hurt me)
    Bad communities
    Bad forums (not this one)
    Bad discord chats (not any that I’m in)
    Jokes that cross the line
    People who hurt you but are unaware of it

    Things to note:
    I don’t do well when I’m extremely stressed
    I’ve been ignored and I want to help those who are being ignored now
    I don’t usually post hate comments
    I don’t try to harm people in any way shape or form (if I am, it’s on accident and just PM me about it)
    If you don’t harass me I won’t harass you
    I hate arguments

    So yeh that’s me, Uh, hope you and I get on well.
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  1. Okay, I really should follow you.

  2. DuallyElemental

    Dance test animation

    Haha lol
  3. A sloppy wallpaper, wavy bubbles and some music. This time, the music is supposed to make you happy and chill, not make you go to sleep lol
  4. Quick, Daoism, Confucianism, Legalism. Pick one.

  5. DuallyElemental

    A Starry Night!

    Sorry I see it so much in roblox , I’m probably being a grammar police, but yeh. It annoys me also I have a temper that when it’s bent too far, I tend to end up hurling words at people sooo... I pretty much hate myself when I get angry Much better, maybe a little more brightness on the guy though, it’s kinda hard to see him
  6. DuallyElemental

    Codename Survival - Episode 4

    Wut? U just made me walk out the house lol
  7. DuallyElemental

    Grill with Spatula

    @Davice already said that lol
  8. DuallyElemental

    Zweilous collab

    It’s not pain, most of it is pretty fun really. It keeps me occupied at just the right level.
  9. DuallyElemental

    "Oh hey, look at that."

    Looks like red from angry bird mad birb
  10. DuallyElemental

    Zweilous collab

    Yeaaa sorry man. I’m pretty active in MCP rn (even though is at a low point) I’m trying to get it back up right now. I’ve also got the music requests and I’m making a little animated short. I have swimming classes and piano practice and I have Tech classes at a summer camp. I’ve also got several friends coming over and my b day is soon, And my b day also means school prep yea I’m pretty busy lol
  11. DuallyElemental

    A Starry Night!

    Can you not type with capitals at the beginning of every word? Also, who are you, going around and saying “I’m better than you”? Why don’t you actually make a topic and get your rep up please. Craft, I think the only thing this wallpaper needs are actual stars
  12. Should I make more of that music and wavy thing? I’ll make stories too, it’s not gonna be just the music stuff.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Netherall Brimstone

      Netherall Brimstone


      Maybe an Undertale theme remix?

    3. MikTRF


      Yes. You should start with a chill sounding remix of the castle them from mario 64

    4. DuallyElemental


      But I already started...

      haha lol jk I’ll take music requests

  13. DuallyElemental

    Drunkeez JTStick Sword Test

    So it’s kinda like a lasso sword thingy nice! I would +1, but my reactions ran away lol
  14. DuallyElemental

    Music and Relaxation thingy

    Uhhh yea... it’s meant more for the music, and I think the wavy circle is relaxing. Idk
  15. so i just made some wallpaper / motivational music thing, with a lot of background keyframes and its taking 4 hours to render 😕

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