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  1. is anywhere here willing to make an mc skin for me for free? (Or for Dank Memer coins on discord) i'm pore

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    2. DuallyElemental


      Sick, how dyou want me to contact you?



      well, i don't have discord or twitter, so idk?

  2. That's not bad for a first wallpaper, I suggest you try playing around with the lighting settings in MI to see what best suits your desires. That way, your wallpapers won't look as "flat" as this one (monocolored, if that makes sense).
  3. there are already plenty of initial particles in the program, and many more packs on the forum that you can choose from
  4. I don't think so, for now you just have to them manually
  5. that's really neat looking; i'd suggest making the blades taller instead of wider though, because in from a tactical standpoint (assuming the blade is steel or iron) the weight would be very unevenly balanced.
  6. As in arpeggios? yeah, I find broken arpeggios and virtiuostic style jumping really adds a lot to the background/bassline. There's a ton of other music theory-esque stuff that I don't wanna go into/haven't gotten to yet, but I just thought the bassline was really cool in that sense lol. It made it different to me, because in the original Alan Silvestri score, he uses more of a push technique especially with the percussion (something which I like and therefore used in the song), but his bass serves more as accompaniment, instead of actually being it's own 'flavor' in the music, something I found prominent in jazz. TLDR: yeah they sound good Edit: I didn't use the built in FL gen, I played those out through midi lol
  7. DuallyElemental


    2 years ago i said i'd get into FL, and 2 years later i'm finally comfortable enough to show the world my creation (my finger slipped and i accidentally got carried away lol) -The credit for the wallpaper goes to @9redwoods, it took us 3 days to actually get the video right because I was an idiot and didnt gauge the song properly lol
  8. No, Mine said that there were better ways to represent it, not that the violence shots were generally bad
  9. Shots you picked weren't horrible, I actually like the REALITY episode series; but if you look on the forums or other channels like PixelNitroz and/or skibbz, you'll be able to find other just as valid MI creations. Rigs, wallpapers, speedarts (9redwoods has some really cool speed arts actually, you should check his channel out) as well as other design tests. I do like your idea though
  10. Dude you do not not to make 15 seperate topics for this kind of stuff
  11. min min smash bros

  12. The avengers suite is the most romantic music anyone could play for me

  13. :woot2:why dont we use this more often

    1. MikTRF
    2. DuallyElemental


      lmao thanks bro, i think that's the first message you've sent here in a while

    3. MikTRF


      probably true

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