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  • Interests geography, studying wars, countries, cultures, politics, technology, space, and whatever
    video games. undertale, battlefield 1and 1942, watch_dogs, war thunder, world of tanks
    i like music and stuff.
    i like piano. it is cool beans!
    science and engineering.
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  1. koenigstichikikh

    Mexican Standoff

    i like this
  2. koenigstichikikh

    My First Project. Suggestions?

    I recently started messing around with Mine-Imator and made this image. Any tips and suggestions to improve?
  3. koenigstichikikh

    The nerdpole

    cool beans!!!
  4. koenigstichikikh

    Bright Library

    make us do fortnite emotes
  5. koenigstichikikh

    What Are You Guys Listening To?

    I listen to the state anthem of the Soviet Union.
  6. wow! very coolio! very good video! I like the excellent quality!
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