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    geography, studying wars, countries, cultures, politics, technology, space, and whatever
    video games. undertale, battlefield 1and 1942, watch_dogs, war thunder, world of tanks
    i like music and stuff.
    i like piano. it is cool beans!
    science and engineering.
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  1. Hi! I've had mineimator for a few months but haven't started using it and the forums that often. I'm gonna try to start animating more because it's actually quite fun. I like history, geography, tanks, flags, and video games. I play mostly Minecraft, Cities Skylines, War Thunder, Roblox, Battlefield. I like winter.
  2. I recently started messing around with Mine-Imator and made this image. Any tips and suggestions to improve?
  3. I listen to the state anthem of the Soviet Union.
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