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  1. fearlessDreamer


    bad meme aaaaaaaaa rigs used:
  2. fearlessDreamer

    Testing SKIBBZ's Lightroom (4K)

    Really nothing much, just some posing practice to get me back into M-I.
  3. not really back but trying to recreate skibbz's lightroom

  4. fearlessDreamer

    Coming soon...

  5. How do you have 74 content count but only 6 rep 

    1. HeYoNia


      I used to have 4 rep and 83 content count tho (i think its 4 rep or 8)

  6. fearlessDreamer

    10 second collab

    It WAS. Now it's Tahoma.
  7. fearlessDreamer

    10 second collab

    I usually make animations 10 seconds long so here's a collab to congratulate me Your entry has to be exactly 10 seconds long You can animate whatever you like You MUST include a watermark All submissions must be with YouTube's Guidelines Send the file through my discord ({BA}fearlessDreamer#1910) or an email blockyvids@outlook.com, make sure it's anonymous) Well that's it
  8. I did something with my life and actually made a cover photo.

  9. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Up the Can collab

    Use whatever scenery you like, but it has to have a trash can and a gateway next to it. Also, WinRAR isn't a payable process. You can use it forever with your evaluation copy.
  10. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Up the Can collab

    watch some videos on the actual thing it's supposed to be based on
  11. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Axe Execution Collab [Closed]

    Just for you to know that I made this.
  12. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Up the Can collab

    The text reads this: Stupid color choice.
  13. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Up the Can collab

    I know, I have low rep. But why not? One last thing, rigs are allowed. Forgot to mention it in the picture, so I'm doing it here.
  14. fearlessDreamer

    Pick Axe Execution Collab [Closed]

    I had very little time to do it, because it was 9 pm and I only had 3 hours left, so I did it very short. An inconvenience that happens to me every single time I play Multiplayer Minecraft, I'm mining and somebody kills me from behind. Too bad you can't throw items and they hurt in the actual game. ;-;
  15. fearlessDreamer

    Boombox rig

    If you don't want to give a DM or an FR to me on Discord, I also have a discord server.
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