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  1. Commonly suggested features

    No questions asked; The people who suggested this one are wanting to animate their montages in Minecraft and Call of Duty.
  2. "Blood"

  3. Mine-imator 1.0.6

    It's about time to get 1.0.7 or 1.0.8 out. 1.9 is 3 updates back >_< Regardless, I WANT THE POLAR BEARS.
  4. Advertising Mine-Imator

    I know this is a very minor issue, but I find it annoying to me. Whenever I do an animation and format it to a video theres nothing but the animation. However when I make posters and format them to images, theres always that annoying "Mine-imator" Logo in the corner. I know its just a small thing, but alot of the time it will cover up things I don't want covered up or just takes up space. I always have to mirror images when I put something in the corner thats important or if a group of players that are in there for a reason are blocked out I have to edit the ENTIRE poster... Its just annoying to me as most of the things I make on Mine-imator are posters. I've made a few animations, but they take too much time to tinker with and I usually only do it for others to help them out with something they want animated or just to share with friends of my work. Any chance this could be removed, or just add an option to add that in the image. Or is that already an option and I've just not looked close enough?
  5. Glowing Skins

    It works and actually came out in a pretty good fashion. Thanks! If the way you were talking about wasn't what Decepticon was talking about I would love to hear your's anyways.
  6. Glowing Skins

    Would you mind mentioning how to give a skin glowing features?
  7. Glowing Skins

    I was toying around with Mine-Imator and while trying to create a creepy scene with a giant spider, I found something in Minecraft that wasn't in Mine-Imator: Glowing Red Eyes. In the dark, spiders have the red eyes on their skin glowing in the dark and are clearly visible to the player. (Go to a dark area and spawn a spider if you don't know this.) Its a very minor problem, but the possibilities you could do with the glowing eyes onto other skins is a great idea. Imagine the possibilities: Glowing creeper eyes? Glowing herobrine eyes? Glowing redstone? Glowing characters??? Its a simple thing to give some skins a glowing eye effect, but it could go further than that. If the problem is I have an older version of Mine-Imator and spiders do have glowing red eyes please correct me, but besides that what do you guys think about the glowing skins concept?
  8. Tempo Meter Needed! (Old)

    In recent updates they have removed the Tempo meter which was seen in the beta version at first. This was my favorite part about Mine-imator because most animating software never had this feature and you couldn't fix the speed of the animation if you screwed up. And now I waited way too long for another update to come out hoping that something would fix and now nothing has fixed. Seriously its just something you can't leave out because of how easy it made the animation progress when you made a mistake of how fast it ran. I can't wait any longer and I'm saying it right now that in the next update, WE NEED THE TEMPO METER BACK!!! Until so I will suffer with a beta version until this is fixed because there is no reason to try otherwise... (And don't judge me for waiting so long for this one thing that ruined MY experience to be brought back. I suggest before just straight out complaining when it could come back like a day afterwards just wait to see what happens before going to conclusions.) Reply: Turns out I don't explore things and force myself to look towards others for answers. Thx for the help, David
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