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  1. DARK_MC


    it wont run : says graphic problems its the new problem
  2. DARK_MC

    Skie Paranoya

  3. DARK_MC

    Skie Paranoya

    wait..i think i cant understand lol
  4. DARK_MC

    Merry Christmas

  5. DARK_MC

    Heart Particles

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! After a longtime Its my first post Heart Rain particles! ok.enough talking....... let me show you a pic about the Heart rain particles: download link:{media fire} Tap Me to start download! to download yourself from mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2mlpjur6j6n1zm/Heart+rain+particles.rar good luck.bye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ahhh........ forgot that........ this particle is for you and your lovely christmas !
  6. hey there !

    sorry can you give me the discord provision chat link?

    iĀ  lost it

    1. GamersOnVideos


      pretty sure that if you go to discord site you and log in it automaticly shows

    2. DARK_MC
    3. GamersOnVideos
  7. ayy why u following me

    u get 2 much notificationsĀ 

    still thnx tho <3

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DARK_MC
    3. GamersOnVideos


      im getting too much notifications on this.

      plz go to discord


    4. DARK_MC
  8. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    and i cant use a filter breaker! i hate iran!
  9. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    youtube is filterd in my country i like minecraft jam songs yes.i will try Arm4ns team blood color is black! and Bajancanadians team blood color is red! i know its impossible but the story writer is Aria
    1. KicksBrickster


      Sooo... why is my wallpaper here, may I ask?

      For the record, I don't particularly appreciate my work being used without permission.

  10. DARK_MC

    Mine-imator : Realistic Movement Test

    I KNOW i forgot that look at this
  11. DARK_MC

    Mine-imator : Realistic Movement Test

    its perfect! some problems with the audio!
  12. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    hey guys! I made another animation! team death match animations! see animation! Note:arm4n team blood color is black and bajancanadian team blood color is red so when they die their blood will be mixed p.s:so dont say why the blood color is Black credits: blood particle by @Voxy and music by : minecraft jam {we be teamin} Story by my friend: Aria Miri hope you enjoy!
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