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  1. DARK_MC


    it wont run : says graphic problems its the new problem
  2. DARK_MC

    Skie Paranoya

  3. DARK_MC

    Skie Paranoya

    wait..i think i cant understand lol
  4. DARK_MC

    Merry Christmas

  5. DARK_MC

    Heart Particles

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! After a longtime Its my first post Heart Rain particles! ok.enough talking....... let me show you a pic about the Heart rain particles: download link:{media fire} Tap Me to start download! to download yourself from mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v2mlpjur6j6n1zm/Heart+rain+particles.rar good luck.bye ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ahhh........ forgot that........ this particle is for you and your lovely christmas !
  6. hey there !

    sorry can you give me the discord provision chat link?

    i  lost it

    1. GamersOnVideos


      pretty sure that if you go to discord site you and log in it automaticly shows

    2. DARK_MC
    3. GamersOnVideos
  7. ayy why u following me

    u get 2 much notifications 

    still thnx tho <3

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DARK_MC
    3. GamersOnVideos


      im getting too much notifications on this.

      plz go to discord


    4. DARK_MC
  8. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    and i cant use a filter breaker! i hate iran!
  9. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    youtube is filterd in my country i like minecraft jam songs yes.i will try Arm4ns team blood color is black! and Bajancanadians team blood color is red! i know its impossible but the story writer is Aria
    1. KicksBrickster


      Sooo... why is my wallpaper here, may I ask?

      For the record, I don't particularly appreciate my work being used without permission.

  10. DARK_MC

    Mine-imator : Realistic Movement Test

    I KNOW i forgot that look at this
  11. DARK_MC

    Mine-imator : Realistic Movement Test

    its perfect! some problems with the audio!
  12. DARK_MC

    Team deathmatch animation

    hey guys! I made another animation! team death match animations! see animation! Note:arm4n team blood color is black and bajancanadian team blood color is red so when they die their blood will be mixed p.s:so dont say why the blood color is Black credits: blood particle by @Voxy and music by : minecraft jam {we be teamin} Story by my friend: Aria Miri hope you enjoy!
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