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  1. The only thing I'd really advise fixing is the weirdness that's happening when you look up. Otherwise amazing job
  2. uh I don't know.. OH WAIT NOW I REMEMBER I was doing a thing with fanmade stuff and I was doing a surprise rig and I stopped halfway through and never touched it again because of version updates ._.
  3. Transitions could work together a small bit smoother and thats about it. Good job
  4. I'm just going to cut to the suggestions 1. A readme file isn't needed, just put it in the forum. 2. The name isn't very descriptive. 3. quotes really aren't needed. 4. No pics no clicks.
  5. just retype the text or copy-paste, with the image just right click and get the image address then go to MI forums and click insert media, paste.
  6. Why is Aphmau and Aaron in the picture? also why is the text in the Imgur, but not the actual forum post?
  7. As I said, ask Sword. The person on the couch is me, although I haven't remade my rig in forever so it's pretty bad.
  8. I just thought something up and made something out of the thought. It's more of just getting used to MI again than a try-to-be-popular thing.
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