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  1. HackerDetective

    Dev update #11: Animated feature gallery

    come on give it to us
  2. HackerDetective

    Free Character Rigs

    Are you still doing these? https://imgur.com/a/GKvrt make this better
  3. HackerDetective

    The Piston Collab

    mine sucks
  4. HackerDetective

    The Unfortunate Collab

    is this ok?
  5. HackerDetective

    The Unfortunate Collab

    im in
  6. HackerDetective

    Random Potion Collab!

    You mentioned me but i wasnt in the video. Nice.
  7. HackerDetective

    The Janitor Collab

    Im in. Hope i do something
  8. HackerDetective

    Make A Pose Collab 3! <CLOSED>

    Welp.. Made it in a hour.. Idk how but ye.
  9. HackerDetective

    Make A Pose Collab 3! <CLOSED>

    Lets hope i will finish it by tommorow.
  10. HackerDetective

    The Castle Collab

    Im in.
  11. HackerDetective

    Mob Escape - Mineimator Collab

    im in
  12. HackerDetective

    Random Potion Collab [Closed]

    Seems im not in the list
  13. HackerDetective

    Random Potion Collab [Closed]

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