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  1. This is an issue with the Game Engine the most recent version of Mine Imator uses. Loading times should be shortened in one of the next versions.
  2. I'm definitely not the lowest spec user, I just use and make really taxing rigs, With a lot of 2d planes, 3d planes, cubes, Bends, Etc. And having these things as a feature would help quite a bit for me. But this would REALLY help people who for example; Run off their CPU's Integrated Graphics/Don't have Dedicated GPUs, Don't have a lot of RAM, Or for people with Pentium 3 Processors or really old AMD Athlon Processors.
  3. To begin, None of these (To my knowledge) are planned/announced as planned for any Future versions. If they were, I'm sorry for the mistake on my part. - Do not render objects in the Timeline (besides Schematics) that are behind the Workspace Camera, Or Normal Camera I'm not entirely sure if this is gonna change a lot, or if its even in Mine Imator as of right now. But, It should loosen up a little bit of lag for big projects with a lot of rigs - Automatically lower the detail of Spheres, Cylinders, or Cones when in Low Quality Mode Fairly Self Explanatory. - Lower Detail of Textures and Objects the further away they are from the Camera. Textures might not be possible, But Objects probably would be. There is probably not much else that is possible to add. So this is all I got for now. But Hopefully some of these will loosen up a bit of Lag if any get added.
  4. Very well done! Few tips if you'd like them; - Scale your scene to something like 8 - 12. The bigger the better usually. - Put all the Spotlights you want to use for PCSS in a folder, Then in a camera thats hidden. The folder can be scaled on either x or z (I forget), And the shadows will become sharper or more Diffused. (And the camera is for moving all them around easily with the usual WASD camera controls. Select the camera thats hidden and move it around in the camera window.) - If you want Light Bouncing/Indirect Lighting, First, Take note of where the light currently hits, And what the color of the object its hitting is whilst its hitting it, Then Place Point lights with a relatively big range in/around those places, With the color of the light being fairly dimmer than the object its bouncing off of, the Fade Size at 100. And the "Render Shadows" Box Unticked under Point Light properties > Graphics And Tada! You may or may not have and RTX-ish render. Results may vary, As I had to redo my RTX render from the ground up once or twice because something looked off, Or if I wanted to change something.
  5. Honestly with how much our expectations have been broken already, It might be possible.
  6. At this point, Mine Imator is gonna compete so much with other industry standard programs, Atleast in the case of Minecraft Creations. With how easy it is to use, And how apparently we have Indirect Lighting, Which is basically Light Bouncing from what I can see. This program is actually getting more potential. More than I ever could've thought. Amazing job Nimi, Thank you for doing this.
  7. That render has Light Bouncing and PCSS, Heres the definitions btw
  8. Sure, Theres room for improvement, But this already looks pretty cool!
  9. Sorry about that, I corrected the post to come off less Condescending.
  10. Nice! Wheres the Download for the Victoria though?
  11. Hiya! I've seen a lot of people attempt some form of RTX 'round here, But to be honest, -- I don't mean to point fingers or make fun, -- Quite a few of the Posts I have seen don't use many RTX aspects like Light Bouncing and PCSS. So here I am, Showing my method of Light Bouncing, Or RTX I guess Yes, There are flaws in this image. I would've fixed the slightly messy shadows but when I realized the scene was scaled too small, I had already placed far too many Point Lights that would need their range re-adjusted for the new scale, Along with the Brighter Whites in the image being a tad over-exposed. But Enough rambling, Here it is! Took: 2 - 3 Hours? Point Light amount: Well over 50
  12. not a fan of the camera controls tbh but everything else is really lit! didn't even know you could do that obj thingy with gamemaker lol
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