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  1. I dunno where to ask about this honestly so ill try here Where abouts would a name change option be in the settings on the forums? I've been rebranding from "JDButter Animations" to "Connor Animations" as of lately due to some personal issues, But my one website i've failed to get updated was this one Is it possible even? Do I gotta message a mod or something?
  2. welcome to hell would you like a slice of our signature despair pie with a side of sweet regret?
  3. love the simple toony lighting! very good job
  4. I'm really looking forward to the SSS feature! I'm excited to see how it works with actual rigs and such. Hope development goes smoothly, Thank you for the update Nimi ^^
  5. new rip wip go ham with the feedback 🙂

    1. insanehelix7076


      JDButter: go ham with the feedback 🙂

      me: would you like some ham person named feedback with a smiley face

    2. JDButter Animations

      JDButter Animations

      o gosh i just realized i spelled rig as rip

    3. insanehelix7076


      Rest in peace correct word

  6. Real quick I would like to apologize for if any replies I made to @__Mine__'s Recent Status Update offended anyone or hurt anyones feelings.

    I did not and still do not understand a lot of these stances, Nor agree with the whole "he was the reason the forums were alive" or "without him this place is a wasteland full of junk" But I didn't want it to step out of boundaries more that just a civil Discussion.

    However, I realize now I was being far too harsh about it, It was nothing more than a few people being sad over a user leaving for a while in the end, And a lot of the things I said were quite uncalled for now that I look back on it.

    I do not wish any hate of any kind to any people at all involved with this stuff, I'd much rather the exact opposite, Please support anyone who may of been involved, I'm sure they all make great things.

    Thank you for your time, Have a good rest of your days!
    ~ Connor.

  7. Good Day! As some of you may know, A few months back I popped out and released a Face Rig, However, It was pretty flawed. So seeing as i've improved since then, I decided to fix it up, And add some new touches! FEATURES: Added: Female Version (Eyelashes) Fixed: Issue with Alpha Glitch making the Eyes Extremely Dark. Slightly Offset Eyelids on the Right Eye Z-Fighting Gifs: And finally... The Download! Crediting me when this Rig is used is not mandatory, But is greatly Appreciated! What isn't appreciated however, Is claiming that YOU made my Ri
  8. Hi there! I'm sure those coming from my last Render Dump know why I don't post on here much, But ill give a rundown as quick as possible; Forums Toxic, I'm a sensitive asshat, I no likey. Anyways, I'd also like to say that I will be releasing CPFR V.2 very soon after I fix a few things! But a quick Tease of some things coming to it; • Female Version (Including Eye Lashes) • Major Bug Fixes and Optimizations • Much More user-friendly Customization, Aswell as the ability to make custom Eye-Shine Textures But that'll be a while from now, So for now, Heres some renders from th
  9. Beautiful! Plus finally my eyes can be blessed with dark colors
  10. I've never actually posted an introduction on the forums before So I guess now would be a good time lol Hi! I'm Connor. I began using Mine Imator in 2015 after finding it after TrueMU/Minecraft Universe made a video on it. And I have used it ever since. I usually create Short Animations, And fairly random renders and models. Most people probably know me from my "RTX in Mine Imator" Render I posted a couple months ago where I used a mix of manual baked Light Bouncing, and PCSS, Or my recent render dump. My main inspirations are/were mostly; @/SKIBBZ, @/Jnick, and @/Hozq. Mine Im
  11. Somewhat in relation to my most recent Topic, If anyone here is interested in seeing more of my creations I'd recommend Looking through my Contact Methods Box on the left side of the page, As its usually where I post my creations the most. Cheers!

    - Connor

  12. Hi, Sorry for the late response The forums can be good, Don't get me wrong, I've had many wonderful experiences involving the forums, But... I've often seen a lot of people aren't very welcoming to newcomers, In many cases i've seen passionate new users come to the forums posting their first creations. And instead of getting encouraging messages, They often get downvotes instead. I see a lot of toxic friend groups do this, And I've been in them and seen first-hand. As Floofy put it, Theres a toxic vocal minority that often ruins the experience for me and other creators on the forum,
  13. Hey! Been a while. I apologize for not posting here much, Although the forums isn't really my main focus for showcasing my work anymore I won't go into much detail but the communities a bit of a trash-fire. And its not a trash-fire that I want to contribute to much anymore. I thought it would be nice to drop a few recent-ish renders of mine here to make up for it though. Hope you enjoy! Connor Animations | 2021 (Most Recent) (Rigs used: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/76100-enviromental-props-pack/) (Rig Created by @SoundsDotZip and @__Mine__) (Bit of an ol
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