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  1. Just visited this site again, old times : )

    1. MojangYang


      Hmm. You aren’t very active are you?

    2. NoodleSushi


      Yep, Mineimator's been one of my past hobbies.

  2. Found a solution, I just checked the button that says "lock to bent half". Thanks btw
  3. I feel old, I might do mine-imator as a hobby from now on to grow the youthful self inside even though the popularity has died out and might be cringe (afaik). *sigh* I really miss the old days. . .

  4. (Could I)/(Is it legal to) use mine-imator related files/assets for video games? (e.g. .miproject, .mimodel) I'm planning to program a voxel style game using the Godot Engine (It's not gonna be a Minecraft clone or use Minecraft textures, and models will be custom made using Modelbench), and I like using mine-imator for 3d and animation assets. Not that the Godot Engine supports mine-imator files but I'm also planning to program a plugin/importer that does the job, afterwards I could make the plugin opensource in Github in case anybody plans to use mine-imator too.
  5. Man its been a long time

  6. Hey guys I'm back and not dead *again* Probably some of you might have heard of this meme Just wanna post it here cuz why not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ btw if you want to have the tempo matched edited acapella version just ask
  7. Just wanna share a playlist of one of my short/unfinished/experimental (and sort of awful) tracks I made a long time ago. I just wanna show all of you that... "Dude, suckin' at something is the first step to being sorta good at something." -Jake the dog You can listen, remix, criticize, one of the tracks in the playlist if you want, all fine by me.
  8. For drawing and animating I'm still much of an amateur. I started animating using Anime Studio. So when I draw in Anime Studio, all I know is creating and dragging points, adding bones, and stuff by using my mouse. I wanted to learn how to draw but it's hard for me. Sometimes when I draw something good (Like my profile picture for example), the rest of my drawings afterwards seem to be below from what I drew. I really need help in drawing anything around me, creating my own art style and stuff. Soo I decided to draw in a long bond paper everyday, and keep it in a portfolio as my drawing diary or something, just so I could track all my improvements and changes. And yeah, I'm currently still learning. Here's my DeviantArt page if you want to see my Amateur drawings
  9. "To use references, or not to use references, that is the question."
  10. I started creating music when I was in Grade 5. When I was still 11 years old I was like: Then my due to my obsession of watching Synthesia MIDI videos, I copied the notes from the video to FLStudio. And my first project/cover made was the GRAVITY FALLS OPENING THEME. Then I tried to copy The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars by ear. Then I learned how to create my own compositions For coding I started with GML when I was around Grade 6, I watched Shaun Spadling's video tutorials alot. Well I've made some finished/unfinished games to improve and gain experience, this list is going to be organized from earliest to latest https://gamejolt.com/games/du30tale/153926 - Made in GameMaker Studio -Just a game I made just for fun. https://gamejolt.com/games/believe-with-courage/207669 - Made in GameMaker Studio -This was for a Grade 8 school project where we tell a story in pairs anyway we want. -This is where I planned to interpret my groupmate's story using gamemaker -No one really cared afterwards and I was all like, meh https://gamejolt.com/games/bbc2017vince/245143 - Made in LOVE2D -This was a submission for the Bad Box Art Challenge game jam, It was unfinished sadly https://fldude64.itch.io/alone-in-mars - Made in LOVE2D -This was a submission for the ShenaniJam game jam, It was my first finished game jam submission https://mikes-shenanigans.itch.io/everdream - Made in LOVE2D -This was a submission for a local game jam, It was unfinished
  11. I started using GML in Gamemaker Studio. Since it was too costly I transitioned to LOVE2D where I learned Lua. Since making my own game system in scratch is such a hassle *like imagine using only one object and one room in gamemaker*, I transitioned to GODOT which I am currently learning gdscript similar to python. That's how I started learning how to create music, but sadly I lost some of them in my old computer.
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