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    I exist
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    Pizza, Chocolate, Cake, Candy, Ice cream, Cookies, Fish, Chicken Nuggets, and a bunch of other stuff that I'm too lazy to list.

    Rhythm & Blues, Orchestral (piano is best instrument), Jazz (get those candles lit), Dubstep, Pop (ehhhh),

    Undertale (A bit too much), Life is Strange, Minecraft, Star Conflict, OpenSpades, Plague Inc. Evolved, Basketball (but I'm really bad), Soccer (even worse), Unturned, Some Flash Games (cuz yey), And more...

    Shows & YouTubers:
    Kill la Kill (My brother told me to), Attack on Titan / Shingeki No Kyojin, Death Note, JacksFilms, DashieGames / DashieXP, My Little Poni: Friendship is Magic, Gravity Falls (lol rip), Piemations, Septiplier (good ship 8.79 / 10), Nathan Sharp / NateWantsToBattle, Philip DeFranco, The Game / Film Theorists, NigaHiga, ExplosmEntertainment, and quite a lot more

    Art, the colour blue, -one of my classmates but that's besides the point-, idk wait until I think of something.
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  1. My head is killing me.

  2. Birthday Special

    The lighting seems kinda flat. :/ I love the scenery, though. It's lovely. Heppy borthdey or somethin'. :P
  3. JrQJoPs.png
    I realized how low my life was, listening to fan-fiction readings, drinking powdered granola, and drawing ship art. In the mean time, have this.

  4. Good Ol' Kitchen [Wallpaper]

    I always wonder how creators can be so humble. "I got lazy lazy" wut
  5. Miscellaneous Rig Pack

    That "chest" board has a 6x6 checkerboard...? They have 8x8 boards - 2 rooks, 2 knights, 2 bishops, and the king and queen. I'm triggered because I've been on my school's chess team several times
  6. Shelving Unit - Wallpaper

    I imagined the shelves being in an animator's studio, or something of the sorts. On the shelves were a bunch of props, items, or keepsakes they had.
  7. Shelving Unit - Wallpaper

    My previous banner was really just a place-holder until I found something new to fit. I strayed away from anything Minecraft-y just so I had a banner I could use universally. This was the result, so enjoy, I guess.
  8. [4k] The Nether

    Harkening back to Keep On Chucking's post, if one were to pay attention to what he put in it: They are "basically the same".
  9. Empty [Wallpavember 22#]

    The wallpaper is actually really nice. Probably quite a bad thing I can relate so well with it tho.
  10. Lamp Rig

    Better tread lightly. Making puns shouldn't be forced - it's a reflection of the person.
  11. Help with the community build

    You're "problem" is just an absurdly high level of bloom. Check the 'Threshold' slider under the bloom option in the camera menu. Level 0 is max bloom, 0.999 is minimal bloom, 1 is no bloom. The lower the decimal number, the less bloom. Level 0.95 works best for me, but it all depends on the scenario.
  12. Couple o' Wallpapers

    Forgot I had these images on my computer. Decided to re-render them with the MI Community Build 'cause I had nothing better to do. Figured they weren't much and didn't deserve their own individual posts.
  13. Good Ol' Kitchen [Wallpaper]

    God I love this gif
  14. I guess I'm pretty late to know the Community Build updated and now has bloom.


    Now I get too look hip and rad with glowing thing-ys with minimal effort.

    1. Juno
    2. [GMK]animations


      I just dont like the new icon



  15. I started drawing myself, but ended up with something different.



    1. Achroma MC

      Achroma MC

      Gotta love how Imgur turned it into a .jpg and now the quality is bleh.

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