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  1. And the same one bites the dust another time.

  2. Rather glad that you are banned.

    1. [GMK]animations
    2. The Animator

      The Animator

      Wait what, are you banned? for real?

  3. Wait... you got banned by Christmas... evil Santa will take you (or likely already has) to the north pole.

  4. So this is the guy everyone's talking about...

    I like your rep, it speaks sarcasm!

  5. I'm glad he's banned.



    I'm just not glad that hes taking form of "Popular" forum users.

    1. Juno


      why's he banned?

    2. LolDoge


      I think he's only made 2 or 3 Alts and he only got banned for calling people retards and saying kys and just generally being rude

    3. [GMK]animations


      @LolDoge More like 20, They just all got removed before I could do anything.

  6. Ay

    1. NietyFox


      Lmao, rest in peace. I did expect it though. Saying "kys" to them all the time. Wouldn't be surprised if he makes and alt like the last time.


  7. ... lol why? xD

    1. Rollo


      He was always just sort of rude to people, just scroll down on his profile and you see "kys" and "retard". I'm not surprised he's banned.

  8. Yep. Cause u argue about noise when ur a retard
  9. Yes but we are talking about if he would. Retard... again
  10. No, hears how that works, he adds noise THEN kills himself. Retard.
  11. I m boss and i hack u all lol

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