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  1. my talking angela

    Stop. Just stop the quantity over quality stuff. Stop doing monster school and do something original. Take your time on the animations, they don't need to be done within 2 hours. Just stop.
  2. Who are you? What makes us think you're capable of leading a team to make a movie if we have no idea who you are? How much experience do you have leading? You can't just waltz into this forum expecting everyone to trust you on a project that you probably can't go through with.
  3. BOOM

    Good for you. You still need to improve. So take what Colonel said and learn from it.
  4. If you'tr having a bad day, just remember:


    1. LolDoge


      Always look on the bright side of the life. *whistle*

      Always look on the bright side of death. *whistle*

      Life's a piece of shit, when ya look at it.

  5. *Screams in Swedish and throws meatballs at everyone and runs away*
  6. Maklolm: Shut up your mouth! I have destroyed multiple worlds! *Angrily shoves a meatball down Will's throat*
  7. *Kicks down a door* Maklolm: It is I! Maklolm! The World Detroyer!
  8. Name: Maklolm: Destroyer of Worlds Gender: Swedish Age: 25 Items: Meatballs
  9. In case you missed it

  10. Wake Up [Animation]

    Yo, I got a thing done! Ignore the blank face, the thought of drawing faces for multiple frames makes me regret doing the style, so it is left blank. I should make a new face rig soon.
  11. Alright, ya boi got himself a job. I am now a server at a place and so far it's pretty good. Now that means i'm probably going to post even less stuff. So every once in every two blue moons will you see something made by me.

    Now here's my skin in the uniform.


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    2. Ninjabee_Redtricity


      I don't really have a job myself. Though Last semester...




      I will admit, I did struggled a lot, but hey school doesn't start til Jan 16th for me, So I got an entire month all to myself L:

      Hope you get some experience from your new job :D


    3. Emaniplex


      This looks awesome!!  :U

      Congratulations on contributing to the economy.  ^_^

    4. hiendiep55
  12. Add It On Collab 2

    Alright. It's done. Ethan gave me permission to edit the camera and lighting a bit. http://www.mediafire.com/file/m46oypsi29sqadm/Add_It_On_2.rar
  13. Add It On Collab 2

    I'll go next if he doesn't
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