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  1. Pigeon_

    Panic Room (4K) (Creepy)

    Edgy ≠ creepy Lighting's pretty cool though
  2. Pigeon_

    Autumn (Pre-release Test)

    Autumn colors always get an upvote from me, if done correctly
  3. The bloom in this update is definitely better than the bloom in CB. It's good update I love that custom biome colors are back and the option to hide and show things in and out of HD view.
  4. HeY GuyS It'S Me PiGEon_ wITh NeW WalPaPer I MaDE sURe To PUt mY WaTEr MarK On IT toO SO DoNUt StEEL I'm very sorry.
  5. In case you missed it:


  6. So I made a character out of @EthanForeverAlone's made up species. The Andherians (The species Sketch is) His name is Travis and he's Mac's buddy ol pal dude. I'm very tired...
  7. I am proud to introduce my newest OC:

    Mr. Placeholder Man! (Donut steel)


    1. BaconSandwich


      Wait, is this how ppl get all the great lighting effects? I hav been so blind thus far

  8. Pigeon_

    New Fad Wallpaper (DONT CLICK IF YOU HATE FAD)

    Alright, putting "don't click if you hate fad" in title won't keep the haters away. (Considering that I'm here) Anyway, I have some feed back on this wallpaper. I get the mood for the wallpaper is supposed to be dark and spooky, but it's too dark, there's plenty ways to get the desired effect you're going for. Messing around with camera colors in the advanced color menu on the camera is a good way to make things more dark and overall atmosphere you're going for. This is more of an out dated tip, but in the 80s or 70s, lighting would be blue or red in scary scenes. I'm pretty sure if you figure out how to use the blue and red lights properly you'd be able to pull it off. The torches in the background don't seem to be emitting any light despite the fact they're glowing, which makes it very distracting and there's an unnecessary glowing object on the character, the eye's I can understand since it's an animatronic although the glow could be turned down a bit.
  9. Pigeon_

    WarioWare MC Collab

    Now this, this is a nice idea for a collab. IM IN!
  10. In case you missed it


  11. Pigeon_

    What Are You Guys Listening To?

  12. You probably don't know or remember, but me and a friend did a little minecraft series called Midnight Minecraft, it was a simple series where we played minecraft late at night and put zero effort into post production. And now we're bringing it back. If you want to check out the rebooted series, it's on my second channel: PigeonPlays_
  13. Hmmm.... What could two people be doing with a shovel at a grave in the night?



    Could be digging up something that died a couple years back.

    1. Nzshark6


      They're digging up vine

      Just so they can bury it deeper

    2. Rollo
    3. WAZZL3


      looking for candy

  14. New PFP
    Also my account is 3 years and 6 days old now.

    1. EnderSculptor


      that's a lotta days

      also nice cover photo

    2. Pigeon_
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