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  1. Pigeon_

    Room Collab!

    So it's just the Apartment collab just with a different transition.
  2. The only reason I can see 6 being implemented is for particles, not for characters.
  3. The Jonathan and DIO battle was intense in Phantom Blood was INTENSE
  4. Pigeon_

    He's Real!

  5. Pigeon_

    Time Tots in: Noise Brigade

    Because Pepsi is superior.
  6. lLpECWy.jpg

  7. Damn, I would have had a nice morning if someone didn't act like rep matters.

    1. MYSELF3200


      Stop upvoting this guy he doesn't care about his rep 😩 😩

    2. EthanForeverAlone


      Yeah rep isn’t important.

  8. Pigeon_

    Add It On 4: Bump In The Night

    I'm after @Twotorule
  9. In case you missed it.


  10. Muh Confeshion pls like and comment and subscib
  11. A silly little test with the glow feature


    1. OfficialCUYT
    2. BaconSandwich



      also I'm working on a wallpaper and I did basically the same thing but for a flashlight

  12. Pigeon_

    [4K Cinematic] New Beginnings

    If you didn't write what the wallpaper was about, i'd be really confused (Even though I still am) There's nothing to really represent you leaving mineimator, there's just lasers in the sky and a dude looking at the lasers. So the symbolism that you're leaving isn't really getting across at all. So try doing something else with some things that represent mineimator and that you're leaving them behind. The leafs are too detailed for the default texture pack. The styles don't match is what I'm trying to say, so either get a different leaf texture or get a texture pack and skin that match the style of the leafs. I feel like the lighting underneath the trees could use some work, try adding faint point lights to illuminate the area a bit. I don't really have anything else to say other than that.
  13. It is now time for a "spooky" Kakyoin for my pfp

    1. Chirp


      I see

      Not cool bro

  14. That one person would have to be me then.
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