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  1. Why is it people new to the program never use scenery? I still have my first render and I put the effort of scenery into it, of course it wasn't the most interesting but jeez it was something. I just don't get the thought process of them.

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    2. Ethaniel


      That may be true but when you get a new program, dont you take a look at the features do? If they know how to add characters they should know how to add scenery, it's practically the same. 

    3. Rollo


      My first render was survival games themed and also had scenery. Idk, I felt like it was essential at the time I made it. If I'm going to make a themed wallpaper it just needs scenery.

      Then again, survival games maps are available for download and not everyone's first themed wallpaper has a common map available. Some people probably know they could create their own scenery but don't because "hey, it's my first render, not a big deal"

    4. Korbs


      lmao imagine using the default background

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