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  1. You could share your animation By YouTube or any other video sharing website.... But most commonly YouTube.
  2. Wow, If only I knew how to code more advance.
  3. This should TOTALLY be in the mine-imator download website... for proof of how good it can be!
  4. Now i have to get used to the official 1.0.0 interface again...

  5. I think we all should learn at this point that Creating a team in the forums isn't gonna last long...... lets just go solo
  6. tfw you realize October 21, 2015 is the same day portrait in back to the future 2..... where the Flying Cars at !?

    1. Aronanners


      Now I can ask people "Remember when Back To The Future: Part II used to take place in the future?"

    2. Marty McFly

      Marty McFly

      I realized that since I made this account. 8D

  7. It looked grey-ish and old and............ (in my opinion) ugly
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