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  1. He is a beginner.
  2. Hmm, this guy lives in Venezuela.., HMMM hmmm, Brazil and Venezuela are so.. near..
  3. Hello everyone!, this tip is for beginners! So.. if you aren't a lucky guy, don't have a good PC,Laptop this tip is for you! Look at this schematics section as you can see, is simple, no world imported now you think: how it looks on the final Product Here how it looks You just need have Creativity, and use all resources you PC, Laptop can offer. So.. you don't need to burn up your PC, Laptop for importing worlds into Mine-Imator. Good-Luck Little fellas!
  4. Download the latest Nimi's Community Build Patch, is the 1.0.3.
  5. Thanks for understaning me, and thanks!
  6. I Don't make so much FNa.F Content, so.. thats not a reason for a bad rep And im Getting People a Better Line of Rigs, Scenery, and more.
  7. Map made by @IsaacDavid, Textures by FreddyFredbear Screenshots
  8. This is amazing!, nice dude!
  9. Its pretty simple and they can be Useful! sometimes, btw, if you want to edit the .PSD Files.., you need Photoshop.
  10. UZJrecL.png
    Im working on a Mine-Imator Pack, it i'll make your Mine-Imator Look The Minebox
    Here a explame,

    Look at his Minecraft "Environment" (Not the Animated Textures) the Sign's, Posters, items and some facial details.

    1. MoltenLapizza


      This is nice.... 

  11. JgfdxG1.png

    My skin Render (C4D)

    1. ziyadkhalq


      what rig do you use

    2. IsaacDavid


      @ziyadkhalq FMR 5.0 With modifications.

    3. ziyadkhalq


      coool, sorry i cant give you a rep

  12. Rig made by @IsaacDavid, free to use, don't steal it. Mario Kart Series (C) Nintendo
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